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All Kingdom Hearts 4 Information Revealed So Far

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On the 20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Event, Square announced Kingdom Hearts 4 to the world. Sora is back in a new Final Fantasy-looking adventure in the world of Quadratum. And after beating Yozora at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind, players are very excited to see what lies beyond the 104. This article will go over the Kingdom Hearts 4 information available at the moment.

Information We Know So Far

According to Video Games Chronicle, Nomura has confirmed that Quadratum will be the hub for the early part of the game. We also know that Quadratum is similar to an afterlife, instead of the real world itself. Nevertheless, KH4 will still explore the concept of Quadratum being fictional to the denizens of the main world and vice-versa.

We also know that the scene shown at the end of the trailer is of Donald and Goofy looking for Sora. Nomura confirmed that just like in other Kingdom Hearts world, the worlds influence Sora’s appearance. When Sora returns to the main Kingdom Hearts universe, he will resume his iconic art style (Give the fans realistic duck Donald and dog Goofy, Nomura). On top of that, reaction commands from Kingdom Hearts 2 are returning. Reaction commands are a fan favorite mechanic that always made bosses more cinematic. And bringing back a mechanic this tight compared to the situation commands in 3 fills fans with fresh air. The community is definitely intrigued with the first snippets of the Lost Masters arc. And the more info comes out, the more steam this hype train will gain.


That being said, however, a lot of fans might be wary after the number of flaws that Kingdom Hearts 3 brought to light. KH3 had problems with pacing the story, confusing delivery of plot points, and had audiences coming and going due to the pacing of their releases. While Nomura is making a smart decision by putting KH4 in development now, only time will tell if the KH team has truly learned from the mistakes of the Xehanort Saga. Players should stay tuned at the Game Haus for more Kingdom Hearts 4 information.

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