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8 Casino Gambling Styles: Which One Fits You?

The moment online casinos took the internet by storm, gambling enthusiasts suddenly got more options than ever before. They can now play any casino game that comes to mind, wherever they are and whenever they feel like it.  The options are endless.

This wide range of possibilities also created different gambling styles. In this article we’ll delve deeper into eight different types of gamblers and what makes their gambling styles unique.

Have fun checking them and out and then decide which group most closely resembles your own gambling style.

1. Adrenaline Type

Every gambler is different. Some gamble for the sake of having fun; others are an all-in type of a player. All of them are looking for thrills and excitement, but not all of them have the same goal. The adrenaline type player is there for the sheer fun of it all.

They are all about excitement and thrill, and if they win along the way, even better. Adrenaline players don’t overthink and are very unpredictable. Some of them are amateurs; others are avid gambling professionals.

Their eyes aren’t always stuck on the main prize, but they will try to get it if they have the chance. They are often ill-tempered, prone to losing their composure when gambling, and mostly base their gambling decision on emotion.

Yes, these gamblers are there for the sheer excitement of it, but they also tend to make poor decisions and could lose significant amounts of money if they get too emotionally involved. However, since online casino gambling can also be free, they often put up quite a show for the viewers.

2. Analytical Approach

The analytical approach is the complete opposite of the adrenaline type. While the adrenaline type makes emotional decisions, the analytical gambler is more of a long-term prognosticator. Adrenaline types play only for the short-term, whereas analytical types are there for the long-term action.

This type of gambler makes bets on possible future outcomes. They are patient, know their way around most casino games, and are very professional about their gambling approach. They take their time watching the game, planning their every move while keeping an eye on the game at all times. Nothing slips unnoticed, which is why they are known for having frquent sessions.

3. Prognosis Expert

A prognosis expert knows the game so well that they can forecast results. These are gambling experts and professionals who view gambling as a way of not only making money, but as a way of life. They prefer skilled-based gambling games, mostly blackjack, but also traditional poker, as well as some video poker, and are fully focused on earning real profit.

Prognosis experts are patient and calm and never allow their emotions to get in the way. Their decision-making process is a result of incredible mathematical precision and skills. Watching them play is a real pleasure.

This type of gambler is a frequent visitor to land-based casinos, as well as online casinos and most likely has a VIP player status. Both analytical type and prognosis experts are usually taking advantage of the bonuses that online casinos offer.

4. Player vs. Player

Social gamblers prefer the one-on-one type of gambling action. They like playing with, or against, real people rather than machines. The reason is simple — interaction. Social gamblers love player vs. player action as it allows them to chat with other gamblers while enjoying the game.

Some players don’t like the presence of others and prefer to play against machines. A social gambler will visit more than just one online casino, and quite often they will visit social gambling sites where gamblers can socialize with other players and make friends.

5. Player vs. Machine

This type of gambler is usually a huge fan of slot games or other online gambling games that online casinos have on the offer. They don’t like playing against other players and prefer playing against the house. They keep track of the latest online gambling game releases and simply enjoy playing their favorite games against all odds.

6. Casual Player

Casual players don’t like the idea of spending their money on gambling games, but still can’t resist the thrill of trying their favorite games. They prefer to play free online casino games, or to take advantage of no deposit bonus offers and avoid any risk. They are known for never making deposits and sticking to demos, or free spins. Casual players play gambling games for the sake of the game itself. They aren’t interested in risking their bankroll by betting real money.

7. Wannabe Pro

This type of gambler has some knowledge of casino games, but they lack the thorough knowledge and skill to play like real professionals. These gamblers are somewhere between prognosis experts and the adrenaline type.

Even though they can make a good gambling decision here and there, they lack the composure to use that to their advantage. Because of that, wannabe pros will never actually become pros.

Unfortunately, this type of gambler is ready to lose it all for the sake of their stubbornness. Although they can make good decisions, they always let their emotions get in the way and lack the steely resolve of pro gamblers.

8. All-In Player

The last type on our list is the all-in player type. These gamblers are convinced that there is a massive win with their name on it. They won’t listen to logic or reason, or anything and anyone else for that matter.

These are usually gamblers who might end up losing everything they had and seeking help. While gambling can be lucrative as much as it can be fun, it can also become a huge problem. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to follow responsible gambling practices to avoid becoming an all-in player yourself.


These were eight different types of gambling styles and all were unique. Did you recognize your own particular style among the ones mentioned? If so, you may want to try using one of the other styles on your next visit to the casino to see if it’s a better fit. Good luck!

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