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5 Tips to make the most of the FIFA 21 web app

FIFA 21 was released on October 9th and includes a new app that allows you to manage important aspects of your FUT team on the go.


What is the FIFA 21 Web App?

Launched on September 30th, the app is one of several features introduced in the 2020 version of Footie Simulator. The web app is available for both desktop and mobile, allowing players to create their Ultimate Team squads before the new version is released.

Ultimate Team is the main mode in FIFA and the place where most players will spend a lot of time. As you complete tasks in the web app, you can earn FIFA coins and gift packs to help your team enter the online realm with the best players from around the world.

With the web app, players can do everything you can do in Ultimate Team on the console, except play the matches. You can open packages, complete challenges, and buy and sell players. If you can do all these actions from your phone anytime, anywhere, you can keep track of all the new commitments you want to bid on.

The early stages are one of the most important phases in the FIFA annual cycle and will help ensure that you are in good shape for the opening weeks. Here are five tips on how to get the most out of the FIFA 21 FUT Web App when playing FIFA 21.

  1. Sign up every day to receive rewards

You can simply download the app every day from your phone and log in to it. This is worthwhile even if you do nothing else.

From the moment you start the web app, you will receive a free bonus for each day you login. But this process will continue until after the release of FIFA 21, so you can only have the potential to get up to two weeks of rewards.

From FIFA 21 coins and players to free gold packages, it can be anything. When a new FIFA is formed, players need to make the most of all the promotional gifts available, because this can really make a difference. With these daily bonuses alone, you can collect thousands of coins, which also increases your chances of getting rare players out of the free packages.

While daily use of the web app is not enough to give you a good team to start the new year with, it does increase your chances in the first few weeks. In FIFA it is free.

  1. Complete the Squad Building Challenges(SBCs)

In recent years, Squad Building Challenges have become an important part of Ultimate Team, allowing players to unlock rewards for trades with their current group of players. You can also use the web app to solve problems. Click on the SBC button in the left menu to make each challenge crazy.

The completed part is black and the incomplete part is blue. In this center, you can view and submit the specifications of each challenge as soon as they meet these requirements. Note that the technique of experimenting with the required cards is smarter than the required cards in the game. This is one of the few areas where console layout dominates.

At this stage it is not worth buying a player dedicated to completing SBCs. However, rewards of low value can be used here as well, as they can certainly help to build an entry level setup.

  1. Customise your stadium

When you bring a beautiful game home, you need to play it in a stylish way. You can find the ideal setting for your upcoming victory by choosing the ideal stadium or even crowd chants. As with everything in a FIFA game, these certainly have their price. You can also choose club badges, player celebrations and equipment before the game starts.

The Ultimate Team Stadium is an important part of FIFA 21, you can choose your preferred venue from the FIFA 21 stadium list as needed, but the FUT matches are fully customizable – in the companion app and in the corresponding game. If you select Home and then Stadiums, you will get four different panels to personalize your patch.

You can unlock new elements and larger structures over time, so this web app feature gives you plenty of leeway to keep interest throughout the season.

  1. Complete more tasks and season progression

In recent years, Ultimate Teams have faced many challenges on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. This offers a wider range of rewards and the FUT web app was launched at the perfect time to take advantage of them.

They range from simply planning your Start 11, to a green link, to buying the first player on the market. It is a great time to complete as many tasks as possible before the game is released. FIFA goals provide a good base for new players and like the SBC they can provide additional packages and more coins. The start of the FIFA year is crucial for everyone who plays Ultimate Team, and you should never miss the easy FIFA coins. Challenges are a big challenge and this is a must for those who use the app. Take advantage and complete as many missions as possible.

Plus, every season brings new challenges. If you play regularly, these challenges benefit players, packs and FUT coins. You can earn XP by achieving goals ranging from friendly goals to proving certain skills in a game. Early goals are easy to achieve and you can view your winnings throughout the season. As more members of the FIFA community join the game, you will collectively achieve milestones, bonus badges and other non-tradable vanities. 


1.Take care of the cards 

When you spend time in the web app, you have the opportunity to open a variety of combinations, from beginners to challenges to recurring player bonuses. This gives your club a large number of playing cards, but most of them are unusable. These cards look different from the normal Gold, Silver and Bronze cards and have better statistics. If you find these cards on the transfer market, they are of course very expensive. If you don’t have any players that you want to keep, it can be tempting to sell your package quickly.

However, you should avoid selling your players quickly, even if everyone on the exchange market has a very low value. If you check the market for each card, you can easily rate them above the quick sale price and produce additional free coins.

Many experienced players will spend days in the web app to get a little more profit from the deal. However, players who are less familiar with the market don’t have to do this, but you can still collect a lot of wasted coins if you avoid buying quick packs that have no value to you.

Remember that each card has a higher value at the beginning of the year.

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