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5 of the Most Epic Buildings in Minecraft

Minecraft has become an “Architectural Resource,” where famous artists, engineers, professionals, and amateurs can develop simple and creative ideas into epic buildings and major world wonders. The current number of epic designs created via Minecraft will make you forget that it is just an interactive video game. Interactive and role-playing platforms like True Blue Gaming entering the market cannot compare or compete with Minecraft’s independence and dominance in the 3D world creations. The venue already boasts over 140 million active subscribers and users as of May 2021, according to Statista. What is beguiling is the range of epic buildings made using Minecraft present in the world today.

Top 5 Grand Constructs in Minecraft

  1. Eiffel Tower 
  2. Minas Tirith 
  3. Kings Landing 
  4. Middle Earth
  5. Kingdom of Greymane 

Eiffel Tower 

The Minecraft design of the Eiffel Tower could be the most thorough and complex creations ever made. The actual Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Capital City of France, took two years, two months, and five days to complete from 1887 to 1889. The Minecraft design is a replica and a symbol of dedication to one of the world’s most significant tourist attractions and landmarks. 

The angular shape of the tower and the size alone make the project one that many Minecraft fans will admire for a long time. If you do not play Minecraft, here is a simple definition of the fantastic talent behind the tower. The time and effort aimed at completing this effort are enormous. The player had to place a single building block, move aside to determine the tower’s shape, and adjust to fit into its angular shape before placing another block. At the same time, the player had to move up while building and repeat the same process not once or twice but several times. 

What makes the Eiffel Tower ranks first on our list is the fantastic detailing present in the Dimensional Minecraft build. The player adds the pedestrian streets, parks with green trees and doesn’t forget excellent tower points. The design incorporates all three tower levels, and the summit (top-most part of the tower) is visible. An aerial view allows you to see all the wonderful surrounding the building. It is indeed a marvel 3D design!

Minas Tirith 

Minas Tirith is a fantasy coming true in 3D video game specs as designed in Minecraft. The minute details highlighted in this architectural design are phenomenal. However, what is even more appealing about the invention, is that it is one person’s hard work! The creator of the Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor from the popular fantasy series Lord of Rings, admits to taking approximately 22 hours and 20 minutes to complete the entire design on Minecraft alone!

“The image consumed around six million Minecraft blocks of different sizes and colours,” says the proud owner of the Minecraft-based works. The project isn’t as big as its counterpart, the “Game of Thrones” designed by Maruku back in 2012, but it is still an impressive image to behold. It is difficult to imagine undertaking such a project, but the master did complete it alone, without any form of assistance! All we can say is bravo for an amazing 3D image and most epic build. 

Kings Landing 

The complexity of this particular project can only be described as “Astonishing” by all Minecraft players. The engineers of this specific design probably didn’t know the work they took up. However, the tiny house, the streets, major landmarks, including the bird’s eye and surrounding community, is a genius idea. What is more interesting is that the building team members had to apply to become a part of designing this iconic city. 

The work and effort put into the design, and 3D build has become an important topic in many Minecraft player communities. Some associate all other works that depict any part of the legendary Game of Throne series, images, and towns as a precursor to this amazing Kings Landing design. An aerial view is picturesque, depicting all the small cities and regions making up the city and seeing this image and other city designs has created more movie lovers for the series. 

Nothing is more astounding than the world inspired by one of the major movie directors George R. R. In his Game of Thrones series, he creates a world that is so realistic and a storyline full of action and fantasy, bringing individuals together. Thus, the description of the classic city “Kings Landing” by Maruku 2012, as “Brilliant” can be one word to represent the Minecraft design. 


Cyberpunk is the futuristic representation of the world we live in according to the fictional city tales of “Night City.” It represents what individuals desire, the dreams to be made real, and the reality that the world offers. It may not be a perfect replica; however, cyberpunk does take Minecraft-building skills to the next level. It is a close revelation of what the future in terms of technology will be like in Night City. 

The design took about one and a half years or 18 months to complete. It took a team of over 15 builders on Minecraft to finish the image. The lighting, the buildings, and the blocks used for the build incorporate the tiniest details in city life while incorporating unique features from the designers not present in the actual depiction, giving it a true feeling and terming it an “epic design and build.” The designing team that goes by Elysium Fire wanted a clean, clear, but most of all, unique reproduction of the original Night City. 

Mirrors Edge 

The inspiration for this refined design is an online game going by the same name, “Mirrors Edge.” The adventure-based online game was an earlier production for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2008. In 2009, the same game was available for game users using Windows. However, while awaiting its second adventure release, the Minecraft world took over the initial design, coming up with the most epic build. 

The Mirrors Edge is precise;  the edges as sharp as the side of a mirror, the lines are straight, and the build itself is a replica image of a mirror. If you haven’t seen the real mirror’s edge, it would not be easy to differentiate the Minecraft mirror’s edge from the original game environment. Using the Minecraft image, the wait for the sequel was more bearable, but the design was incomparable. 


Minecraft epic builds are some of the best works accomplished by Minecraft players. The online 3D video game and interactive platform have given individuals a chance to develop favourite environments, whether raised from a famous movie selection, the park, or your favourite city. The designs and builds are not only creative but also marvellous. The above-selected forms may be the best on the market, but individuals are still making and building more designs on Minecraft. Always keep an eye out for the most epic of them all. You never know, you may be the one to design it in the future!

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