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5 Best Adventurous Games Like Call of Duty That Will Drive You Crazy


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Games are one of the best mediums to pass your time and take break from the monotonous routine of our mundane lives. In this article we will be talking about the online games that we love to play in our free times are will give you the best experience of the gaming world.

You just need to have a smart screen like mobile or tablet or laptops and an internet connection, and you are ready to go on this crazy journey.

Video games have actually taken over the world in less time and the craze over it is increasing day by day. The video games industry has grown so much that it values itself in billions of dollars right now and if we talk about America, the country alone has recorded one of the highest profit-making industry in the whole wide world.

Seeing the popularity, we have brought for a list of video games that have been reviewed by us to provide you with the best ones. Have a look at some of the adventurous and thriller games to play this weekend.

Due to advancement in technology, the graphics, VFX and other things have been inculcated into these games, making it look real and frenzy. The demand for such games have been increasing and will keep on increasing, looking at the graph of players that has been increasing at an increasing rate.

When it comes to adventurous or thriller or suspense games on the internet, there are two things that matter the most, which are the story or the plot and the type of interesting characters are brought to you.
When these two things are combined with the amazing graphic display of the game, it can make anyone go crazy and deadbeat with the trance of the screenplay.
One thing that is common in such games is the narrative plan of it, once you go deep inside it, there will be tasks or situations that you will have to overcome at every stage with the help of clues, coded messages, objects laying around, with other characters in the game and so much more.

5 of the best adventure games, as per my recommendation, that will definitely drive you crazy are-

  • Player Unknown’s  Battleground
  • Ring of Elysium
  • Grand Theft Auto V or San Andreas (we all love this one the most I guess)
  • Fortnite
  • Counter Strike

One thing is for sure, that such games will definitely keep you busy for a longer time and the more interesting the story is, the chances of spending higher time on the game is much likely the outcome.
It will keep you engaged and engrossed at the same time with the element of exploration and discovery of the final outcome.

One of the most favorite games out there of this kind is Fortnite, developed by Epic games that was released in the year 2017 and has been in the top list of games ever since. Available in three distinct game modes, this has been one of the most popular games among people and will keep you glued to the screen until the very end.
If you want diversity, there are many other games like Fortnite that you can try instead and read about them on the above mentioned link.

Some tips to known before dwelling into these games is a must for amateurs.
You must have an updated device with you with the higher end graphic card to help load the game properly and so that it does not crash all the time.
Think about what type of story you want to be a part of. You should not just start playing a game because your friends told you so, if you are going to invest your time, choose the plot that interests you the most.
Take you time to get acquainted with the controls of the game and then move forward with full plight.

Such adventurous games will help keep your brain active and alert as the game plot or story makes you think about various strategies and methods to think about while playing them, making your brain fit.
It makes you more responsive towards a given situation makes you look smarter. Of course, there are some disadvantages as well, but we like think on the positive side and enjoy these games while they last.

All you need to know about some of the best adventurous and crazy interesting games like Fortnite and similar ones, out there on the internet have been provided to you on our blog above. There are many tried and tested options to choose from, so try out all the games that you can and have fun with them.

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