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4 Reasons Why Game Developers Follow the Example of Esports

Even if not all gamers are esports pros, most do enjoy a good battle royale bash, for example. This clear opportunity for profit and status drives developers into creating title after title that ticks all the right boxes. If your game becomes successful on the esports circuit then your game likely has a long life ahead of it.

Apart from encouraging the next generation of League of Legends champions, there are many benefits for studios that follow the esports recipe. Here are four of the most important.

1. Global Audiences

Video games are a beloved subject around the world. Whether in the US or East Asia, you will find avid players, so the current esports phenomenon is far from surprising. Countries like China, Japan, and South Korea take the sector so seriously that they produce some of the best teams like Vici Gaming.

Developers are adapting more games, such as bringing the likes of Warcraft III: Reforged onto the esports market engage with a huge fanbase. Holding their interest is a challenge, but quality titles and high-tech features go a long way.

2. Lucrative Competition

Esports game design is demanding, but so is the profit for studios that do a good job. Considering the range of popular styles out there, from fantasy MMORPGs to intergalactic tactics, there are also lots of ideas waiting to be molded into something unique or remastered.

Between the worlds of PC, console, and mobile gaming too, developers really can produce wonders for all tastes. Such creative freedom is priceless when facing the industry’s hard competition. Its multicultural proportions make it that much more of a thrill for studios, especially if a game reaches Dota 2 levels of success.

3. Exploring New Tech

Online gaming standards keep changing, but video game studios stay on top of trends to deliver the best possible esports products. Nevertheless, the pressure is on for a good balance between fun, performance, and immersion. Seasonal treats of new content and bug fixes are a must as every change to a title’s meta makes it better and fairer to play with.

Live streaming is another successful technology developers across entertainment use to perfect their industry. Even an online casino in Japan, called オンラインカジノ locally, surges in popularity thanks to the novelty of live roulette or blackjack. A real dealer hands out cards in a casino environment while streaming equipment lets virtual players watch and engage with it. Live-streamed esports tournaments are like that but tenfold.

4. Public Approval

Each new product makes fans happier and draws new people into the fold. Even better, gamers are not the only ones into competitive gaming. Think of the thousands of people watching esports tournaments from their couch, some without ever having touched a video game in their lives. So, making events easy to watch is important, whether via Twitch or the game’s menu as in the case of CS: GO.

Viewers simply enjoying gamers live streaming casual sessions shows that video games can now be pure visual entertainment. The action and communal feel of esports, however, is even more exciting and clearly appreciated. Once again, developers that make accessibility and user-friendliness their priorities can earn global approval.

Esports is the ultimate reflection of how competitive gaming can be. At the same time, it promotes a culture of entertainment that engages and unifies people from every corner of the world. Video game developers eagerly add to that market, not just for the ample profit, but also to be part of something momentous and, above all, fun.

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