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3 Casino Games Inspired By Video Games

Slot machine developers look pretty much everywhere for inspiration. A look at the game library at Spin Online Casino will show you incredible variety with games inspired by pretty much anything you can think of, from sports and cars to food, myths, music, even video games. While it may sound a bit counterproductive to create a game based on a game, it has been done many times in the past. Here are some well-known titles that have received the hyper-casual treatment.


The Hitman franchise has been around for more than two decades. The first entry in the series, Hitman: Codename 47,  appeared in 2000 – published by Eidos at the time, it brought a breath of fresh air into the stealth gaming scene with several innovative features that it has retained to this day (like the use of disguises to get into otherwise inaccessible areas). 

The game focuses on Agent 47, an assassin with no name who is hired by a mysterious organization and tasked to assassinate criminals around the world. The idea was a success – the first game was followed by three sequels, and a first movie adaptation in 2007 with Timothy Olyphant in the title role. And, in the same year, by a video slot machine based on Agent 47.

The Hitman slot machine, released in April 2007 by veteran casino game maker Microgaming, is inspired by the games, not the movie. Its reels are filled with symbols related to 47’s deathly craft, along with Agent 47 himself. For particularly lucky spins, the slot machine rewards the player with outtakes from the game’s cinematics. 

Resident Evil

Capcom’s survival horror masterpiece Resident Evil is one of the longest-running video game franchises to date – and certainly, the longest-running survival horror game, considering that the term itself was coined in relation to it. The first entry in the series, launched in 1996, was a massive hit both with gamers and critics. As you might expect, it spawned sequels almost immediately. For a decade, not a year could pass without a Resident Evil title. The game then received a series of adaptations, including a successful movie franchise (that deviated a lot from the source material), several animated features (that have not), novels, comic books, even stage plays. And a video slot machine, inspired by the sixth major entry in the franchise.

Released by Skywind Group in 2019, the Resident Evil slot machine reunites the players with Leon, Ada, Jake, and Chris on their quest to survive the horrors unleashed by the Umbrella Corporation. The game has visuals, sounds, and animations taken right out of the game, so playing it may just trigger nostalgia for the real thing.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

The Street Fighter franchise has been around since 1987, conquering arcades first, then gaming consoles and personal computers. The original game was ported to pretty much every platform, and the franchise has seen five major releases and countless minor entries over the decades. 

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was, without a doubt, the most popular entry, with more than 15 million units sold around the world. It was the most influential fighting game ever, won pretty much every award, and was adapted into movies, inspired action figures, and was referenced or even sampled in countless pop music pieces over the years. And, of course, it also inspired a slot machine.

Released in 2020 by NetEnt, the Street Fighter II slot machine truly brings back memories of the golden age of arcade. The game has the look and feel of the original, down to the moves and combos of the fighters. With every lucky spin, the two characters on the screen perform their iconic moves, attacking the reels, and destroying tiles, revealing Wilds and bonuses. Overall, it’s an atmospheric game that pays homage to the original.

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