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20 Reasons Why Aristocrat Casino Game Haters Are Wrong

For those who are well experienced with slots, Aristocrats do not need any formal introductions. Anything asides, the best would not do justice in describing what they are in the gambling industry. Aside from being one of the oldest, they have created a plethora of games. Punters love many of their games. To further attest to the brand’s superior quality, there’s barely any casino that does not have their slots. If you find a casino without their games, there’s a big chance such a casino is fake or fraudulent.

Unfortunately, even with the right numbers, it seems Aristocrats cannot please everyone. Just like the old saying, “even if you lay down and let people walk over you, some will complain you are not flat enough.” For some reason, some people have managed to make themselves staunch enemies of this brand. And to be fair, it’s not all a bad thing.

For some people, the massive success of the brand intimidates them. By the way, others just inherited the hatred culture from people who told them it’s the best thing to do. The hatred for some punters comes from dissatisfaction probably after losing some games. Whichever way, it is clear that those who hate Aristocrats are only a minority few.

It is interesting how the brand has continued to use the hatred and negative comments as fuel in moving them through the clouds. They listen to these critics, analyse the areas where they need to improve. Notably, the team works hard on these negativities and does its best to prove that it is better than people imagine.

The following are 20 common reasons why people hate the brand. But should they?

1. Slot Provider Security

Whatever you do, security is a crucial part that you cannot negotiate. Aristocrat understands this perfectly. As a result, many go into their games to ensure that playing slots are safe and secure. First, they own licenses in over 300 jurisdictions of the world, including Australia and over 90 countries of the world. In addition to that, they allow third-party organisations to vet the safety and fairness of their games. To ensure safety, Aristocrat also vets the casinos that have their games. They scrutinise them to ensure they meet security requirements. That is why casinos that have their games usually have lengthy registration procedures that might be annoying for some people.

However, when you consider how well they protect you from hackers and fraudsters, you would be grateful for the extra care they take to ensure you are safe.

As a way of checking their credibility, you can check with casinos that are conscious of the safety of their customers, and you will be sure to find all of Aristocrat’s games. When it comes to safety and security, Aristocrats is a provider you can trust.

2. All slots are the same

For some people who hate Aristocrats, there is the wrong assertion that all slots are the same. After playing some games from poor developers, many of them seem to believe that all pokies are the same. Pokies are not the same. Even though they might work with the same principles, Aristocrat slots offer advanced gaming experience to their players.

With Aristocrats, punters play on pokies that have vivid illustrations. The graphics, reel power are just a few features that set the slots apart. When you compare Aristocrat games with those of their competitor, the difference is usually apparent. For instance, in 2014, the Global Gaming Awards recognised the Walking Dead, an Aristocrat slot as the product of the year. Many other awards like that are also there to testify that their games are not the same as others.

3. Latest Slot Technologies

When you consider the array of technological investments that goes into the production of Aristocrat games, only those who resist the innovation can find something negative in it.

For instance, you talk about reel power and RNGs that ensure that your games are fair enough and are entirely randomised. At the moment, they are exploring the new field of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to give their players the maximum fun possible.

4. Increased Convenience

Right from when they started in 1953, Aristocrat has always been committed to the convenience of its players. Little wonder, they quickly joined a host of others in providing online slots that players can enjoy at the comfort of their homes. Even further, their games were later improved to work with HTML5 and JavaScript.

That way, players can play games on their mobile phones, online no download. They also allow their players to enjoy the games just for fun or to play with real money. For example this Buffalo casino game can be played just for fun and for actual money.

5. Rare Jackpots

Do you have a friend of yours that won a jackpot? Do they know someone who won? The answer is probably – no. Rare jackpots were created to make each win an extraordinary event, and indeed the sum of money is always a huge one. Rare wins of slot jackpots became such a regular game feature that people just hated playing those games.

Slot providers such as Aristocrat found a gap in rare jackpots. They made up a progressive payout scheme that increases each time you play the game and is split into jackpot categories. Usually, it is a three-step scheme – minor, major, and grand jackpot. When you win the progressive jackpot, the jackpot for the next play is reset to a predetermined value and resumes increasing under the same rule. Therefore, when you are now playing slots, there is no need to chase for that rare grand jackpot but get more chances to hit more frequent winnings with smaller payouts also considered as a jackpot.

Progressive jackpots are a new trend in online slots. As such, the number of games out there bearing progressive jackpots is small, not only for Aristocrats. Even at that, Aristocrats has quite a number of these slots. Good examples are the Buffalo Diamond, Buffalo Grand and the Buffalo Gold. All these slots have multilevel progressive slots that can reward players beyond their imagination.

6. The House Always Has an Edge

Except if you want to listen to lies, this is true. But then, it’s not a reason to hate the software provider. The house edge put, is a calculated amount that goes to the casino from every wager collected.

You should note that the house edge stands and is appropriately calculated so the casinos can make profits from the slots. Of a fact, the house edge is not only restricted to pokies; all casino games have their respective house edges.

The good news is, you can reduce its effects. To do that, make sure you play well. Also, look for slots with low house edges.

7. Free Demo Modes

The invention of online slots came with the idea of free modes. With these online free modes, punters can have some free games on the slot machines. In the demo mode, the player gets access to all the parts of the game, the only difference is, he cannot wager, and as a result, he is not entitled to win real money.

But then, demos are not evil, especially when you consider their purpose in the first place. The idea is so players can see first-hand what they are playing with before they put in their money. The free games are not only a test of the slot machines, but it’s also a test for the casino. Players can play free modes with no registration. With that, there is an opportunity for players to try several casinos online to find where to play their favourite titles.

8. Winning Odds

The winning odds of a slot describes the probability of winning on such a slot. To get the value, you have to divide the number of winning combinations with the number of combinations possible. The higher this value, the higher your chances of winning.

9. Take Advantage Of The Newbies

As a newbie in gambling, doing things wrongly could lead to frustration and eventually hate of the games. That is when people tell that the casino takes advantage of them. However, this is how things work when you are new to the game – the player is not familiar with all rules and features but wants to take a risk and play for real money. This strategy is wrong.

To avoid this, ensure you understand the game you are playing very well. Read through the rules and play by them. Also, make sure that you always play with people of relative experience bracket as you.

10. Betting Limits/Flexibility in Stakes

Most slots from Aristocrats have betting limits with good range. The massive difference between the highest and lowest amounts payable is, so players are protected from massive losses. Punters can easily pick their wagers with little money and so have reasonable control over their bankroll. They can plan and divide their money into chunks for more spins. At the same time, high rollers can place bets as they wish.

11. Higher Payouts

The most important part of gambling is the part where you get paid. Sadly, not all providers give out high payouts. Let’s face it; nothing can be more annoying than that.


With Aristocrats, you enjoy better payouts with online casinos on average than you get with most other providers. A good example is the Big Red slot that has a massive payout percentage of 97.04%.  

12. Not All Games Are Made Equal

With the idea you already have about the house edge, you know the house always wins. That idea could be annoying, knowing that the casino owns a percentage no matter what you do.


At the same time, thanks to the house edge, you can tell that games in casinos differ. Some pokies give you better chances of winning than others. Slots are fun to play, but then, their house edges could be as high as 10%. On the other hand, table games like Blackjack, Bingo and Poker have lower house edges typically around three of them. For video poker, things can even get as low as 0.5%.

13. Accessible

Thanks to HTML5 technology and JavaScript, online casinos can now offer their games on many platforms. As of today, players can play their games on:

  • Computers
  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhone & iOS devices
  • Windows phones
  • Other mobile devices

14. You Won’t Make Money Playing Free Online Slots

There are some promotions online that promise massive winnings with no deposits. Most casinos call them no deposit bonuses. Unfortunately, players get often disappointed as they do not win as much money with these bonuses.

This is because gambling works with risk and reward. For such promotions, the level of risk is low; therefore, the level of reward would be low as well.

15. Personalised Bonus Offers

With the use of data and artificial intelligence, many online casinos now offer their players personalized bonuses. The problem with this for some players is that the casino collects your personal information to make these suggestions. That is, they check your style of play, game preferences and many more. For these players, this is a massive breach of privacy.

On the contrary, there are no privacy breaches at all. The casino only uses data generated to make bonus predictions easier for you. That is, the casinos can predict the preferences of their customers and based on these predictions, they create bonuses that best suit each player.

16. They are ALWAYS Watching You

You may not like it, but you are being monitored. Even though the situation is not as bad in online casinos, it is still a thing.


Asides the huge privacy problems, the monitoring is for your good. The casino keeps an eye on your activity to be sure that you are safe from hackers. Also, they monitor you to be sure you do not scam them. On the side of safety, the casinos are bound by law to keep your data safe. So, you rest assured that no third parties can see what you do at the casinos.

17. You’re Being Manipulated

We mostly love to believe that we take our actions by ourselves. Well, casinos and software developers do a thing or two to ensure that you make those decisions in their favour. Starting with small things like colours and to more obvious things like promotions and offers. Everything you see in a casino is there to ensure that you keep playing.

However, you can take back a large percent of this control by speaking with the customer care representative. The customer care would help you understand all of these offers, they will answer your questions, and so you make guided decisions and not manipulated ones.

18. Form of entertainment

Online slots present punters with an opportunity to win money while having fun. Gambling itself as a whole is a means of entertainment. Punters come together to enjoy the pleasure of dropping their money in hopes that they win more or sometimes lose it all. Sadly, many times, the latter usually happens.

At such, players must approach all online slots with the expectation of having fun. These games are at random and do not have guarantees, and so, they are not an avenue to get rich quick.

19. Push Notifications

To keep you reminded about the casino, you might get notifications on your devices once in a while. They can be annoying because most times they pop-up without prior notice. Even without opening the website of the casino, you can get their notifications.

As annoying as they can be, the notifications are helpful. They help you stay informed on the promotional offers going on at the casino without going to the websites. If you do not want to receive them anymore, you can block them from your phone browser.

20. Game of Luck

Finally, slots work with random numbers. Therefore, the outcomes of the games are by luck. Gamers most times have little or no control over the results of spins. This is usually a problem for those who feel the need to control the outcomes of the game.

When you look at things from a broader perspective, you will see the benefit of that feature instead of the cons. In the first place, it is this element of fortune that makes these slots fall under gambling. Without that element of luck, slots are just the same as video games. But then, the fact that you could potentially win a lot since results are random makes casino games stand out. Since money is involved, the randomisation ensures that anyone can become a winner. So, even with minimal experience, a punter stands a chance of walking home with a prize. Without the element of luck, casino games would be a boring experience for a lot of players. Besides, a few techniques can increase your chances of winning. Hence, you don’t just depend on the god of casino games to smile on you to win. Some of the techniques include bankroll management, budgeting, choosing high RTP games, and maximising free spins.

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