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The Playable Mobile Suits Featured in Gundam Evolution

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The playable mobile suits featured in the Gundam Evolution network test will be coming from the various Gundam anime series. Some come from the mainline series, while others make appearances in the spin-off series.

Leaving a variety of fan-favorite Gundams and mobile suits from the source material.

Here are the playable units that will be featured during the network test.

Offensive Units:

RX-78-2 Gundam

A mid-ranged and all–arounder unit. Using an accurate rifle,  and a ranged hammer that stuns and knocks enemies. The Gundam’s ultimate throws a napalm bomb, dealing heavy damage to anyone within its large range.

Pale Rider 

An offensive unit with a machine gun, grenades, and AOE healing. Pale Riders ultimate buffs its movement speed and damage.

Gundam Barbatos

A highly offensive and mobile melee unit with a mace and sword that knocks enemies down and destroys units. Barbatos’s ultimate allows it to deal heavy damage to multiple directions.

Zaku II 

A mobile offensive unit with a machine gun and a smoke grenade that leaves itself invincible. The Zaku’s ultimate is a dash that stuns enemies

Gundam Exia

A mobile and offensive unit, throwing daggers and dashing around striking enemies. Its ultimate allows Exia to buff its abilities.

GM Sniper II

A sniper class with high damage with support and offensive options. Including the ability to revive downed allies, install jump pads, and a machine gun for a short-ranged temporary offense. GM Snipers ultimate allows it to see enemies past walls.

Turn A Gundam

An offensive unit with a rifle that can be fired rapidly or charged for increased damage and pierce enemies. Its abilities allow it to self-heal itself and grab enemies, tossing them behind and stunning them temporarily. Turn A Gundam’s ultimate allows it to fly and leave a trail that damages enemies from below.


A mid-range unit with a powerful rifle. Its abilities allow it to ensnare enemies allowing it to use its melee ability for maximum damage. Marasai’s ultimate throws a snare that stuns enemies in front of Marasai.

Tank Units:


A tank mobile suit with the most health, a shield that absorbs the most damage. Equipped with a scattergun that can be fired behind its shield. Other abilities consist of a throwable tomahawk. A dash that allows it to close the gap between allies or enemies that were struck with the tomahawk. Its ultimate throws its funnels that attack targets automatically.


A unit with machine guns that can lock onto enemies, large cannons that deal large splash damage. Its rush attack deflects attacks and knockback enemies. In addition, the Guntank can also revive disabled allies at a faster rate. The Guntanks ultimate launches a controllable flying unit that crashes into enemies dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Dom Trooper

A mobile unit that glides around the floor with a rocket launcher. Its abilities allow it to apply shields to allies, toss land mines, and fire a laser at enemies. Its ultimate charges at enemies, deflecting attacks from the front, grant HP and damage enemies. The ultimate also causes guard breaking and knockback when hit.

Support Units:


A support unit that transforms, giving it the ability to fly. Its main support role consists of being able to heal and revive downed allies and building turrets. Methuss’ ultimate buffs the target it is healing.


A Support and a defensive hybrid unit that uses a shield that absorbs damage. The GM is able to shoot its primary weapon with the shield up. In addition to tossing healing grenades, and detonator bombs. The shield can be used to bash enemies to stun them. Its ultimate throws homing mines.


An additional transforming unit that allows it to fly. Its main weapon consists of a rifle that fires a 3-round burst. It can charge a beam that does high damage. Asshimars ultimate punches past enemies, deflecting attacks and stuns enemies it hits.

Roles in Gundam Evolution

In Gundam Evolution, there are no true classes or categories any unit falls under. Units are better at various roles, and only one unit can be chosen per team. However, maps are designed for flanks and support units are given offensive abilities to deal damage.

The network test on Playstation and Xbox consoles will be available during Jun. 22 to Jun. 28. Players who wish to participate in the closed network test should sign up at the official website.

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