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What To Expect From Gundam Evolution Console Network Test

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Gundam Evolution, a 6v6 team-based shooter, similar to Overwatch, launches its network test for consoles. Here’s what to expect. From June 22 to June 28, Xbox and Playstation users can play test Bandai Namco’s shooter based on the anime series. 

In the past, Gundam Evolution had a network test for PC users via Steam from Apr. 8 to Apr. 12. The network test features the three playable game modes.

Game Modes

  • Point Capture, where the attacking and defending teams fight for objective points on the map.
  • Domination, both teams fight for 3 unlocked objectives on the map
  • Destruction, where attackers plant bombs on objectives while the other defends and defuses the bombs.

Gundam Evolution’s network tests start with 15 playable mobile suit units, each unit features its own weapons, movement, and playstyles.

Players still have compared the game to other hero-based team shooters, specifically Overwatch. This includes a similar HUD layout, three or more abilities, and an ultimate called a G-Maneuver.

The 15 playable units come from several Mobile Suit Gundam series and alternate timelines. All have a variety of HP, preferred range, and dash limits.

While there are no determined roles or guidelines to play styles for each unit, some units do more damage than others and have higher mobility, more HP, and utility. 

The game doesn’t feature much connection to the anime series, save for the mobile suits and their origin. Without much lore around the game, compared to most other hero shooters, such as Team Fortress, and Overwatch. 

This allows players to play the game without much background knowledge.

However, fans who enjoy the story and lore surrounding the game will not be experiencing that.

Competitive Play and Unlocks

Bandai Namco is focusing on a free-to-play competitive experience. In the network test, players are only able to play ranked. Ranked play consists of an MMR system, starting from 2000 points that gradually goes up or down over time.  

Gundam Evolution will be free-to-play on launch, with loot boxes and a battle pass. Currently, there is no news of a premium battle pass. The loot boxes consist of cosmetic items such as skins, weapon charms, weapon skins, and profile photos.

Another customization option is allowing players to choose the voice of their pilot character, ranging from male and female pilots with various dialogue, and tone differences. These are all unlocked and free to choose from the start.

Preparing For Launch

The developers initiated a survey for the PC players that participated in the network test. Its general impression was very good, with 51.9% of players saying it was very good and 37.4% felt it was just good.

Developers have replied to the survey, listening to feedback, improving game balance, game controls, and other quality of life changes. 

Developers of the game have also released newsletters. With updates on the progress of the games and changes that will be made before launch.

The console network test isn’t featuring any changes that have been promised and will nearly be 1/1 to the PC network test. The only changes will be more options for controller support, such as aim assist.

How to play Gundam Evolution

Currently, there is no release date, except a promise to release in 2022. Players who wish to participate in the closed network test should sign up at the website. Players will need to sign up with their email and preferred platform of Playstation or Xbox console.

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