Nowadays, gaming videos gain popularity on YouTube at an accelerating rate, and people engaged in this activity get huge profits and enjoy their endeavors. In this article, you can see what the future holds for gaming and take useful information from the outlined trends. Some people take advantage of gaming by streaming them online using different platforms, and Twitch is known for bringing a lot of money to enthusiastic streamers. 

Video editing software plays one of the crucial roles in the process since its functionality and tools define a video’s success. Choose checked software with positive reviews, but it may take much time to scroll the Internet before you find what you need. This complicated task will be solved in this article as we selected professional-quality software for fantastic output.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 video editing software for gaming grouped into two categories to facilitate your choice. 

Top Gaming Video Editing Software for Windows

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems worldwide, with 30.84% of world users. That’s why we decided to familiarize you with video editing software perfectly working on Windows PCs. Every gamer willing to create a decent video product knows that a professional screen recording program is the first step to success. With Bandicam, you can get amazing results for further enhancement, and OBC Studio will be useful also to streamers. 

EaseUS Video Editor

With this video editing software, you’ll be able not only to crop and cut, and change video speed but benefit from a wide range of other compelling features. The tool is great for novice editors who start their careers in video gaming. You can apply stylish video effects, accelerate or slow down your video speed, use visual and transition effects, and import and mix music to make a high-quality video.

VSDC Video Editor

This editing tool will enable Windows users to create fantastic videos for free, taking advantage of multifunctional and affordable software. VSDC is perfect for people with or without video editing experience, and its user-friendly interface makes any process uncomplicated. Its advanced tools and functions include motion tracking, video effects synchronization, audio waveform, video masking, voiceover recording, multi-color Chroma Key, and more. 


Lightworks makes a video-editing process full of pleasant emotions and user experience as it has been widely used in the film-making industry. The software has a credible reputation, so you should not worry about data confidentiality. They prepared a video tutorial for novice editors teaching users and facilitating the process. Its functions provide a possibility to crop and cut, change video speed, change frame-rate, and export videos to YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe video editing software is powered by AI that enables users to create, organize, and share videos with unlimited possibilities. It supports 4K and has video stabilization that makes the software stand out from a range of other editing tools for Windows users. Moreover, double-exposure video and stunning visuals bring amazing results and make the video look professional. Intelligent editing is a calling card of Adobe Premiere Elements as it has Adobe Sensei technology. You can remix music, improve videos, make precise selections and see effects in real time. 

HitFilm Express

Download the tool for free and edit videos using plenty of tools available for reasonable prices. HitFilm Express users can take advantage of a professional-grade free video editor, built-in voice recorder, full 2D and 3D compositing, hundreds of effects and presets, and unlimited tracks and transitions. There are many tutorials for every brand of hero that enables you to create your 3D super-soldier to attract the audience.

Top Gaming Video Editing Software for Mac

Despite many tools being compatible with many operating systems, Mac users should pay attention to software designed specially for them. If you own a Mac, Search Baron is an indispensable tool that can protect all your activities from potential threats. Here is a list of the best Mac editing software, but you can always choose a video enhancer to make the game record professional. 

Apple Final Cut Pro

With Final Cut Pro, you can transcode full-resolution media and share libraries with editors. It’s possible to create proxy copies and customize sizes for social media. There are advanced tools for perfect output such as magnetic timeline, compound clips, synchronized clips, color coding, and grading. You can edit video without routine adjustments and enjoy the impressive improvements. 

Apple iMovie

You will get a powerful performance with iMovie thanks to its ability to work with multiple 4K video clips. The tool is great for editors of different proficiency levels as a user-friendly interface and tutorials make the process straightforward. You can edit video by creating a green screen, picture‑in‑picture, split-screen, change video speed, and crop and cut it. Share the incredible results directly by sending them via messages or posting on social media.  

Avid Media Composer

Media Composer possesses many timesaving features providing users with the possibility to edit faster and enjoy a stressless process. People can tell their gaming stories and embody all their creativeness with the help of this tool. Media Composer is constantly evolving and has access to clip details and commands, rolling credits, interface personalizing, and IMF supplemental packages that all contribute to the flawless process.

CyberLink PowerDirector

Any person seeking a powerful video editor should pay attention to CyberLink, which allows people to have plenty of advanced features at their fingerprint. It is easy to create artistic scenes with smooth effects that can even be compared to Hollywood special effects. Tell your story the way you imagine it, and the software will not restrict your possibilities but multiply them. Share your creations directly on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to attract a larger audience that will appraise the output.


It is another great program with a rich toolset for gaming video editing that is free of charge. With Kdenlive, both professional and novice editors will satisfy their demands and create an amazing video. A straightforward interface and shortcuts facilitate the workflow. There are a large number of effects and transitions, automatic backup, and proxy editing for low-resolution copies. You can benefit from a variety of themes and design your own icons. 


For better results, download several programs to compare them and define the best tool to edit gaming videos. Many software suggests tutorials for their users, and you can easily learn the basics and continue working with any program you like. Create amazing videos that can gain many views by choosing the best video editing software from the article. 

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