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10 Exciting New Features That Will Take FIFA 21 To The Next Level

EA Sports has announced several exciting new features as it prepares to launch the latest instalment in the popular FIFA series on October 9. The gameplay will receive a significant shakeup, and a new simulation system will spice up the career mode. These are some of the key new features that gamers can expect when they finally get their hands on FIFA 21:

Agile Dribbling

The team at EA Sports used Man City star Bernardo Silva as a prototype when devising a new agile dribbling system for FIFA 21. It will allow players to take lots of quick, elegant touches, shifting the ball quickly between a player’s feet to avoid tackles and round defenders. It can be executed by holding the right bumper and moving the left stick in the direction you would like to agile dribble into, but it works a lot better with graceful players like Silva than with rugged defenders.

Despairing Defenders

Players will drop to the floor in despair when they concede a last minute goal to lose a game on FIFA 21. A screen shot shared on Twitter shows Liverpool players falling on the floor in anguish and Man City celebrating. It is not exactly a groundbreaking new feature, but it adds another degree of realism to proceedings and fans have reacted positively to the news. Clubs will also have a unique walk-out and goal music, but there will not be VAR. “It’s part of football and a lot of goals go to VAR nowadays and people are like, ‘That should be in FIFA!’ and I agree if you look at realism, replicating real football, it should be there,” said gameplay producer Sam Rivera. “However, it’s a video game and at the end of the day we have different priorities that we need to work on. With VAR, we feel it doesn’t add as much as other features maybe do, to the actual experience.”

Interactive Match Sim

A new feature will take the career mode to another level in FIFA 21. Players will be able to simulate a game, but make substitutions and tactical decisions based on match data revealed during the game. The ability to influence proceedings pushes it closer to the gameplay seen in Football Manager, You can also hop into the game if you feel that you can have an immediate impact and turn things around for your team. A new growth system will allow you to coach players into new positions, while match sharpness brings another degree of realism to the management sim within FIFA 21.

Attribute Booster

A new mode allows players to ramp up the skill level of the players they are controlling. It means you can finally take the lowly team you support into the big time without having to sign new players, allowing them to compete realistically against the elite sides by increasing the players’ attribute scores.

Competitor Mode

Players will be able to hone their FIFA 21 skills against an advanced CPU called Competitor Mode. It will represent the hardest difficult level in FIFA 21, ahead of legendary, world class, professional and so on. The mode blends the FIFA styles of some of the world’s best professional FIFA esports stars, the ones featured in the esports betting markets. It is designed to help players learn how to overcome difficult opponents by displaying aggression and boldness in all areas of the pitch, and it could help more players make the jump to professional.

No More Overpowered Players

A major bugbear among FIFA players has been the overpowered pace, shooting and dribbling skills of particular players. There have been countless articles dedicated to identifying ridiculously overpowered players, and some people loved controlling them, but it did wreak havoc upon the competitive balance of the game. EA Sports has promised that overpowered players will no longer be an issue, and that players with strong tactical stats will have a greater impact on games, regardless of their pace, shooting and dribbling attributes. For instance, a forward with high tactical attributes will be more likely to stay onside, while a defender will be better at tracking runs and closing down space if blessed with strong tactical scores.

Player Runs

One of the biggest changes concerns the manner in which players move off the ball. You can now take full 360° control over the direction your teammates run in by flicking the right stick after triggering a run. You can call your teammate short, direct a pass and go and control five players performing directed runs simultaneously. You can even take full control of a player making a run off the ball by pushing both analogue sticks in, with the AI taking over the player with the ball. This represents a welcome overhaul of system underpinning movement off the ball, but it remains to be seen if EA Sports will nail it.

Fewer Collisions

Players should interact with one another in a more natural way in FIFA 21. This is designed to prevent players running into one another, spelling the end to the chaotic scenes witness in previous FIFA instalments. A refined system will allow players to hurdle over fallen opponents in order to avoid collisions. If a collision occurs, players will adjust their bodies to minimise the impact, creating a smoother gaming experience.

Improved Through Balls

New passing trajectories and targets will be introduced in FIFA 21, allowing defence splitting through balls that sent an attacker into a one-on-one situation with the goalkeepers. A semi-assisted through ball function will give you more control over the pass, and you can choose from curling, lobbing, bouncing or weighting the through ball in order to suit the attacker’s run.

Realistic Blocks

The FIFA team has totally revamped the blocking system, allowing for more reliable and realistic blocks when defending shots and passes. Each player’s attributes will determine the effectiveness of the block, how well you can react and how long it takes the player t recover from a block. Defensive awareness will be a key skill that determines a player’s blocking success. Outfield players’ hands will also be permeable, preventing hand ball situations from influencing play and making blocks a more attractive option when defending.

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