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NFL Week 12 Picks

The NFL season is already full of surprises, which makes it hard to pick winners. Cecil Walker and Joe DiTullio, of The Third and the Don Football Show, will do their best to try to predict the winners for every NFL game this season. Here are the NFL week 12 picks.

Thanksgiving: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

Joe- The Bears have a good defense and an offense that is growing right in front of our eyes. Detroit only beats good teams apparently, but because they are so inconsistent, they can never be trusted.- Bears

Cecil- Lions and Bears oh my. The Bears already thrashed the Lions once this year. There is nothing about the Lions that makes me believe it won’t happen again, especially with Kerryon Johnson out.-Bears

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

NFL Week 12 Picks
Colt McCoy (Photo by

Joe- Colt McCoy is a great backup quarterback, but Dallas should be able to control the clock and let their solid defense do the rest. Their linebackers will help slow Adrian Peterson and McCoy will be forced to complete downfield passes, which favors the Cowboys.- Cowboys

Cecil- The loss of Alex Smith is huge for the Redskins and will make it harder to follow the blueprint that led to their success in the first half of the season. Colt Mccoy will try to push the ball downfield more, but that will also lead to more turnovers. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are improving and are the darkhorse to win the NFC East.-Cowboys

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Joe- New Orleans is on a roll. They will lose again before the season is over, but this is not the one they will drop. The Falcons’ defense will not be able to stop the Saints.- Saints

Cecil-Can anything stop the Saints? They are embarrassing teams right now and the Falcons don’t look to fair much better.-Saints

Sunday: Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills

Joe- Jacksonville showed signs of life against the Steelers, even if it did result in a loss. With Fournette back, they can keep the ball on the ground and move the chains. Buffalo doesn’t have an offense capable of besting the Jags.- Jags.

Cecil- UPSET PICK. The Jags are coming off a tough loss to the Steelers and continue to underperform. They are more talented than the Bills, but a warm weather team coming to the tundra that is Buffalo should not be underestimated.-Bills

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

Joe- With the Bengals playing so bad, there is a legitimate shot that the Browns go into Cincinnati and win. Ultimately, Andy Dalton will be able to outduel Baker Mayfield, but that may not be the case after this game.- Bengals

Cecil- The Bengals are not a good team by any means, but are better than the Browns. The defense should improve as players return from injury and the offense should lean on Joe Mixon to get the job done. Baker Mayfield will keep it close though and don’t rule out another overtime game.-Bengals

New England Patriots at New York Jets

Joe- The Patriots are coming off of a bye. Bill Belichick will not let them lose this game. Sam Darnold will turn the ball over at least twice.- Patriots

Cecil- The Patriots are better than the Jets at every position group. You tell me how they would win.-Patriots.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Week 12 picks
Saquon Barkley (Photo by

Joe- While the Giants are on the right track and the Eagles are seemingly going in the other direction, Philadelphia will not lose this game. The Eagles have been losing to solid teams, while the Giants have been beating bad ones.- Eagles

Cecil- The Eagles got embarrassed by the Saints last week as the offense has become one dimensional and the defense has been absolutely decimated by injuries. The Giants are on a roll right now led by Saquon Barkley. That will set up opportunities for OBJ, who is already facing a secondary that looks like it’s picking fans out of the crowd.-Giants

San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Joe- With both teams being bad, the Bucs have the advantage of being home. They’ve been switching quarterbacks more than IHOP flips pancakes, but at least they are going with the hot hand in Jameis Winston.- Bucs

Cecil- Jameis Winston is the starter again (for now). Points will still be scored no matter who the quarterback is when playing the 49ers pedestrian defense. The Buccaneers have proven they can put a lot of points on the board and Nick Mullins will be unable to keep up.-Bucs

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

Joe- Even though they lost this week to the Lions, the Panthers have a more complete team than the Seahawks and will win at home with the Seahawks traveling across the country.- Panthers

Cecil- The Panthers are coming off a pair of tough losses and need a win the keep control of the wildcard race. The Panthers will win as long as the defense can contain Russell Wilson, but that will be a tall order.-Panthers

Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens

Joe- Lamar Jackson will ball out for the second straight week against a bad team. The Raiders won’t be able to stop him.- Ravens

Cecil- Ravens. Convince me how a 2 win team traveling from the West Coast is going to win this game.-Ravens

Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Chargers

Joe- The Chargers lost a tough one to the Broncos, but the Cardinals are a much worse team.- Chargers

Cecil- The Chargers are in control of the AFC wildcard race. They will dominate a team like the Cardinals.-Chargers

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

Joe- Pittsburgh is on fire right now. They played sloppy against the Jaguars, but still won. Traveling to Denver won’t be easy, but Case Keenum won’t be able to keep up with the Steelers’ offense.- Steelers

Cecil- This game is going to play out for the Steelers similar to their win against the Jags. Mile High is a tough place to play, but the Steelers have enough talent to pull it out in a close one.-Steelers

Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts

Joe- Andrew Luck is back. He is lighting up the scoreboard and has a running game to go with a good offensive line. The defense still has some concerns, but they will be able to handle the Dolphins.- Colts

Cecil- The Colts are rolling and Andrew Luck is back to form Having a QB play at that level is hard for even a great team to beat, much less a middling Dolphins teams.-Colts

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

NFL Week 12 picks
Aaron Rodgers (Photo by

Joe- The Packers have problems that not even Aaron Rodgers can fix. He will keep this one close, but the Vikings will be able to sneak out a win at home.- Vikings

Cecil- Nobody plays better than Aaron Rodgers when his back is against the wall. The Vikings are still struggling on defense and are struggling to establish the run game, which leaves more time for Rodgers to work his magic.-Packers

Monday night: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

Joe- Marcus Mariota is injured again. He’ll be good to go for this one most likely, but he has not been himself for parts of this season. The Texans will stay atop the division after this game.- Texans

Cecil- You cannot trust the Titans as their lack of an offensive identity continues to cost them. Meanwhile, the Texans have won seven straight games. I like that consistentcy.- Texans


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