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College Football Teams as Thanksgiving Food

The top four in College Football are the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Michigan Wolverines, and the Clemson Tigers. Some of the most famous Thanksgiving foods are turkey, macaroni and cheese, dressing, and stuffing. So which team is which food? It’s team to dig in. FYI: There is a difference in dressing and stuffing.

Alabama Crimson Tide- Turkey

Courtesy of Odyssey Online

Courtesy of Odyssey Online

Alabama is obviously the turkey. The Crimson Tide is the main course of the College Football season.

As college football fans, hate it or love it, we are waiting to watch the Tide every season. Every season, turkey is the marquee food everyone is waiting to eat. You might love your dressing, stuffing, or macaroni and cheese, but to make your Thanksgiving good, you need turkey. Alabama has been the “main dish” at the College Football table for about 10 years.

Ohio State Buckeyes- Stuffing

Rick Barnes/ US Presswire
Rick Barnes/ US Presswire

Ohio State is the stuffing, not the dressing.

According to, the difference is that stuffing is stuffed into the turkey and takes in some of the juices from the turkey. For many years, Urban Meyer coached against Nick Saban in the SEC and they had a pretty good rivalry in the 2000’s. In those years, both coaches learned a little something from each other. So when you bite into either the turkey or the stuffing, you will taste some of the same flavors because both Thanksgiving items spent so much time together.

When you watch Ohio State and Alabama, there are some similarities. One of the main similarities is that both teams’ dominance in their respective conferences. Both teams are tops in the nation when it comes to wins and recruiting. They attract people to the table.

Michigan Wolverines- Dressing

Patrick Semansky/ AP
Patrick Semansky/ AP

Michigan is the dressing because they make their own unique taste.

Fitday’s description of dressing is when you place it in a greased pan and bake it. Dressing is by itself and makes its unique taste. Jim Harbaugh is definitely unique and makes his own style. But even though there is a difference on how it is prepared it is very similar to stuffing. Just like how Michigan and Ohio State have some similarities.

Both teams are in the Big Ten for starters. Both teams have coaches prepare their teams differently but the result on the field is almost identical.

Coach Harbaugh brings a certain intensity that makes his team fear losing and only strive for the greatest. Coach Meyer has a sense of calmness about him and that makes his team very confident when they hit the field. Both coaches make their teams feel like they are the best on any field or against any team. If you didn’t see or know how both teams prepared, you would think they were very similar.

Clemson Tigers- Macaroni and Cheese

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

The Clemson Tigers are macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese is one of those Thanksgiving food items that needs to be made by the same person every year.

We have all had that aunt or uncle that elects to make the macaroni and cheese but everyone in the family knows your mother’s mac and cheese is better. That is what Clemson is for many people. One year they could be 14-1 and only lose to Alabama in the National Championship. The next year, they could struggle against Troy, North Carolina State, and lose to Pittsburgh.

Many people think Clemson is just too unpredictable and that turns them off. That is the same thing with macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving. You never know how good it is until you bite into. It could “14-1” good or “10-1” decent.


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