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The Rise of Aqua and Nyhrox

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Everyone who has been even remotely interested in online video gaming would have heard the name Fortnite by now. This is a game developed by Epic Games back in 2017 which has a number of distinct game modes. One of them being battle royal, which has rocked the world with the popularity and development of games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) which was topping the Steam charts even in the face of poor optimization. It was something a lot of people transitioned to after games like DayZ, which was a survival third/first-person shooter with zombies and absolute anarchy to come with the game. ArmA, developed by Bohemia Interactive gave a platform to popularize military sims with more or less realistic gameplay that included proper camouflage, permanent death, and realistic weapon handling.


Even though there was quite a conspiracy between Epic Games and BlueHole, which is a developer of PUBG due to the fact that Epic Games was actually helping them optimize their game in the Unreal Engine while simultaneously, and shadily, developing a competitor product. Although arguably the Battle Royal genre came from DayZ: Battle Royal edition that still had the hands of PUBG’s developers, Fortnite is not a copy. What set Fortnite apart was the fact that it was no mere clone. The art style of the game is quite a bit different and unrealistic, the characters are much more cartoony, and the fighting does not sit within the frames of realism as it does in PUBG. The main addition to the game was the notorious building options. Players in Fortnite can collect resources from “mining” materials all across the world and then utilizing them to build structures like towers, bridges, and other things that come to mind. This creates a unique gameplay that sets Fortnite apart from other battle royal games like H1Z1, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, etc.


With the popularity and huge financial support for Fortnite, it is no surprise that it became the most popular and well-funded battle royal game out there quite quickly. This has pushed the game into an eSports scene creating a number of championships where the best of the best can participate and fight it out to get the notorious chicken dinner.


Fortnite World Cup was held in 2019 in late July in the Arthen Ashe Stadium in New York. It was quite a sight, full of people who wanted to watch the championship play out in front of them. The “winner winner chicken dinner” as well as quite a modest monetary addition to the symbolic prize was awarded to the last two players standing – Aqua, or David Wang, who is an Austrian professional player, and Nyhrox – a Norwegian (or as they would call it in Norway – Norske) pro player. Nyhrox, or Emil Bergquist Pedersen, in particular, is an exemplary player, being number one most paid Norwegian pro player at this point with Statista reporting his yearly income to begin around 1.5 million United States Dollars. This has caused a huge commotion in the country. The young man became a very popular figure and a reason for pride for a lot of his compatriots. This has caused a boom in the Norwegian entertainment scene even to the point where some online casinos (or norske nettcasinoer as they call them in Norwegian) have taken upon themselves to create Fortnite themed slot games with Nyhrox’s staple figure giving the highest prize pool. It is a fun little addition, we are unsure how Nyhrox is comfortable with his face being associated with casinos, but to each their own.


Unfortunately for all of the die-hard fans, the official Fortnite Competitive Twitter account has issued a statement about the decision from Epic Games to cancel the World Cup in 2020 due to the concerns associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic. The decision is not shocking considering the fact that most of the countries are still under heavy lockdown with a number of vital rules concerning public health and safety. Social distancing, absence of even moderately priced flights, and a number of other issues do indeed make it quite impossible to make an international championship this time around. Although, it was still highly demanded by the fans. The event unfolding in 2019 was watched by as many as 2.3 million people online while 19,000 were present in the stadium to support their favorite players. It was no exclusive tournament as well. The placement rounds were open for as many as 10 weeks prior to the championship making it possible for anyone across the whole world to join and show their skills.


The solo finals of the event were held on the 28th of July. The winner of this particular event was kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. Due event finals were won by the aforementioned couple – Aqua and Nyhrox. These two fought against the tides of popularity since they were not fan favorites by far. With names like Saf and Zayt, Mongraal and Mitro, and benyfishy and MrSavage, most of the attention was directed towards other people. All of the people that we mentioned even had better starts since the winning duo couldn’t make it to the top 10 of the first three matches. The Duos event was structured so that every team would get a certain amount of points depending on their performance. This would be 10 points for Victory Royal, 7 points for placing between 5th and 2nd places, 5 points for fitting between 10th and 6th, and 3 points for people who end up between 15th and 11th spots.


As we already mentioned, the first three games did not go well for our winning duo. Saf and Zayt were on the roll scoring seven points lead over the second spot team Megga and Dubs. However, in the 4th game, things started to take a turn. Aqua and Nyrhox subsequently won the 5th game as well with a very stylish takedown of 3 players at the end of the match. The momentum was theirs and they didn’t want to stop. However, the pressure ended up a tad bit too much for them. They ended the game on the 8th spot earning them 5 points. It was enough to place them in first place and win the tournament. Unfortunately for the fan favorites Saf and Zayt did not perform well during the final match where they didn’t even get to finish among the top 10. In total, they had 51 points that netted them the 1st place in the tournament winning them the grand prize of $3,000,000 split amongst the duo.

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