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Thank you Fortnite

It is Thanksgiving in America and regardless if you celebrate it or not lets just look back at the good things that Fortnite has given us. Interaction between Epic and their fans, amazing tournaments, and creating an empowering community. The recent patches in Fortnite have made the fans uneasy; but the community as a whole makes up for it. From amazing art, to approachable, uplifting streamers and open tournaments we as fans have plenty of things to be thankful for what Fortnite has brought us.

Epic interaction
Original Haunted hills suggestion // by u/blorfie and Courtesy of Reddit

Between Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit, Epic Games has made leaps and bounds interacting with its fan base. The most notable case would have to be the addition to Haunted Hills as suggested in this post. Lo and behold Epic adds the new point of interest in the game a few months later. Epic Games do have an agenda that they can’t expose all the while doing their best to please their fans. When Fortnitemare was implemented the community was in an uproar to take the Zombie Spawners out of the core game play, after a little while they took it out. The disconnection of what they can and can’t talk about is apparent, but the effort to communicate is there.

Esports Coordinator @xSUND0WN and Video Editor/Host @ZekimusPrime have made great contributions to the community. Sundown hosting Custom Scrims for pros and top scrimmaging players, and Zeke being the face of every skirmish is not easy to do. Able to give the best experience to the community be it hosting a skirmish or running custom servers for pros is commendable and the community is grateful for it.

The community itself
Fortnite Pro League logo // courtesy of @fnproleague

The community itself is something to be thankful for as well. It has brought inspiration, educational resources, and most importantly support. The most notable thing that has spawned from the community is the Fortnite Pro League. Giving players a platform to prove their worth and to get help on improving their game play. Players like @bumpaah and @ballatw who are Fall Skirmish Finalist used Fortnite Pro League to hone their skills.

The community has a wide selection of content to choose from if you need help or wanting to improve your game play. Community figures such as ImSpeedyGonzalez has posted a plethora of videos of tips and tricks on how to level up your game play. From counters if you get coned in a build fight, or just improving your building technique there is a video for that or on the way. Knowledge is openly shared within the community and no technique is left secret or left in the dark. The community is very supportive of its casual and competitive members.

In closing

The recent patches have left everyone who plays Fortnite worried and unsure about the future of the game. Whether its community figures from Epic Games or various social media outlets the community has given it something. From entertainment to educational there are plenty of things to be thankful for. None of these things would happen if it wasn’t for Fortnite or the community it brings.

Featured image courtesy of @Cosinejoe.

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