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Skirmish details bring unexpected surprises

Skirmish details bring unexpected surprises

Epic Games just dropped a very significant blog post. The Fall Skirmish games get a solid base and a lot of new additions like clubs and trials that make their way into the competition. They are also using the opportunity to tease the release of the long awaited competition system.

This will for sure push forward a new wave that changes competitive Fortnite as a whole. It is evident that Epic keeps experimenting, and is not afraid to go along with their agenda.

Let’s examine Fortnite’s blog post and see what we can make of it.


Trials are introduced as a new way to earn some prizes during the Skirmish. The player base is now divided on five different clubs. Epic brands them as the Fort Knights, Lucky LLamas, Dusty Dogs, Rift Raiders and Bush Bandits. During the six weeks of competition the players inside the clubs will compete with each other to earn prizes.

How does this work exactly?

To start, a challenge is set every week. As an example the inaugurating trial of the first week is “Quad Goals”. During this, trial players inside their respective clubs team up to form squads. Together they must do their best to get the most amount of total kills and at the end of the week the squads that achieve the most amount of kills inside their clubs earn some money.

Every week will have different trials that players tackle as they go. Notably competing against the players inside their respective clubs.

It’s exciting to see another layer of competition added to the game. Namely on its beta state the trials look like a great initiative, adding another way to compete. If this proves its value to the scene we may be seeing another pillar that cements its way into Fortnite’s future.

Competitive System

Fortnite’s competitive system is something everyone craves as the game gets more and more popular. Evidently Epic has shown August had 78.3 million Fortnite players. Looking into this audience a hunger for victory royales is evident. If a competition system gets installed they will surely take the opportunity to get some glory.

How will Epic do this?

The constant experimentation in the Summer Skirmish events should pay off here. Copy and pasting a format straight from the main event should allow players to rank up.

However, knowing how Epic loves tailoring everything for the widest audience possible, we may be seeing way more points distributed between all the players. This way everyone gets a taste of victory every match.

A happy medium between a Skirmish format and a format that distributes points in a big scale should set itself on top.

How will points flow?

Placings and kills should be the two main variables used in the format. Imagining that placings will award a substantial amount of points, but kills will also stack up and benefit the player. This way a healthy balance can be achieved where neither rushing nor stalling becomes a solid strategy.

To give an image, someone that achieved a victory royale with one kill should be awarded about the same amount of points as someone that got 30th place with 10 kills.

Week 1

During the first week of competition the “Hold the Throne” format gets revisited. However, this time duos get the spotlight.

Players from the different clubs must team up and do their best and get decent placings. The top 10 placings in this week get monetary prizes plus points for their respective clubs.

The Fall Skirmish is gearing itself with many new elements, and the wait for the show is almost over. With all this novelty the event will definitively go through troubling times. However, this is looking positive as Epic keeps creating ways to distance itself from traditional esports.

Feel free to comment bellow, and spark some discussion.

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