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PAX West 2018 – Day 1

PAX West 2018 - Day 4

PAX West brings a first day of great Fortnite, and today we will keep you guys up to date as the event progresses. In the next feed we will be constantly updating you on what is happening on the games. If you are too busy to keep up with the stream then we will make sure to keep you informed.

Watch the stream at: Fortnite

Live updates:

8:35pm est: Games should start at 9:00pm est.

9:00pm est: Waiting for stream to show up. They might be running late.

9:14pm est: 30 minute minimum delay announced for Fortnite’s stream.

9:31pm est: Liquid Poach is streaming backstage while practicing for tomorrow’s rounds.

9:32pm est: IGN starts streaming the countdown for the round.

9:42 pm est: IGN changes start time to 10:00pm est.

9:53pm est: IGN comments on the stream that the delay is out of their control.

10:02pm est: All three heats confirmed completed by Fortnite esports.

10:08pm est: Fortnite starts streaming event.

10:18pm est:  Sofa, Psalm, and Horrify announced as winners of their heats.

10:22pm est: Game number one begins

10:25pm est: 47 players alive

10:28pm est: Twitch_Snood couldn’t stick the landing

10:29pm est: Reset is happening as people lag out of the servers in bunches.

10:38pm est: Game number one begins again.

10:43pm est: Hysteria eliminated.

10:44pm est: Twitch Snood eliminated.

10:45pm est: Nate Hill eliminated.

10:48pm est: 50 players remain in the match.

10:50pm est: Faze_Replays eliminated.

10:54pm est: Turkey_lips eliminated.

10:56pm est: 20 players remain in the match.

11:00pm est: STRUGS wins the first match.

11:07pm est: Qualifier format gets a change. Four matches to be played.

11:13pm est: Game two begins.

11:14pm est: [Ghost] DMO eliminated.

11:18pm est:  Faze_Replays eliminated.

11:23pm est: 50 players remain in the match.

11:26pm est: STRUGS eliminated.

11:34pm est: 20 players remain in the match.

11:37pm est: Bloo Tea wins second match, but Nate Hill gets seven kills plus second place.

11:42pm est: Stream takes a five minute break.

11:49pm est: Game three begins.

11:50pm est: Liquid Vivid eliminated.

11:51pm est: Twitch snood eliminated.

11:54pm est: Twitch Cubmils eliminated.

12:00pm est: 50 players remain in the match

12:09pm est: 20 players remain in the match.

12:10pm est:  Nine players die as the zone moves. Turke_lLips holds high ground.

12:13pm est: Liquid 72hrs runs our of mats as four players remain, and proceeds to clutch the third match.

12:18pm est:  Standings update: Leading the match qualifier  is Liquid 72hrs, followed closely by Faze Nate hill

12:21pm est: Game four begins.

12:22pm est: Tilted Towers is looking very populated.

12:28pm est: Liquid 72hrs eliminated.

12:42pm est: 16 players remain in the match.

12:47pm est: Fulmer plays through the storm to clutch match number four .

Click here to view day one qualifier standings


Notable events:

Liquid Vivid fails to qualify.

C4 had a huge impact on the games


Featured image provided by PAX


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