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PAX West 2018 – Day 4

PAX West 2018 - Day 4

In the PAX 2018 Weekly Skimish finals 99 players face off for a 1.5 million dollar prize pool. In this feed we will keep you up to date in what happens during those six glorious games.

Watch the stream at: Fortnite

List of all competitors:

Live updates:

1:37pm est: Fortnite stream goes live.

2:00pm est: Steam officially begins.

2:07pm est: High stakes challenges announced.

Game one:

2:13pm est: Game number one begins.

2:19pm est: Horrify eliminated.

2:20pm est: Twitch Tylarzz eliminated.

2:20pm est: Ghost Aydan takes down NICKMERCS, and dances on his grave.

2:25pm est: Kayuun eliminates Liquid Chap.

2:25pm est: Liquid Poach eliminated.

2:26pm est: Only Ghost Aydan stands with more than three kills. Giving him a point on the board.

2:28pm est: Kayuun eliminates Faze Replays

2:31pm est: TempoVapeJEsus gets blown up by Ghost SaF.

2:32pm est:Very populated zone with 42 players alive, and almost no space left to run.

2:35pm est: SEN animal eliminated.

2:35pm est: Lanjok_Twitch gets the victory royale as Faze Nate Hill falls to the storm.

2:49pm est: Lanjok_Twitch leads with three point, closely followed by Nate Hill also with three points. EL_Jack, and Ghost Aydan at third , and fourth place with two points.


Game two:

2:50pm est: Game number two begins.

2:53pm est: Faze Replays eliminated

2:53pm est: Faze Nate hill eliminated.

2:56pm est: Liquid 72hrs blows himself up

2:57pm est: Ghost Aydan takes down NICKMERCS at Tilted Towers.

3:00pm est: Kayuun snipes Liquid Poach.

3:05pm est: Turkey Lips eliminated.

3:05pm est: Ghost Aydan eliminated.

3:06pm est: SEN Animal eliminated.

3:07pm est: Faze Jaomock eliminated.

3:13pm est: C9 Blind sprays Liquid Chap to get nine kills plus a victory royale, securing six points in game two of the finals.

3:24pm est: Standings are C9 Blind at the top with six points, followed by Lanjok_Twitch with three points, and TF Up also with three points.

Game three:

3:25pm est: Game three begins.

3:27pm est: Faze Nate Hill eliminates C9 Blind

3:29pm est: SEN Animal eliminated.

3:36pm est: NICKMERCS eliminated

3:43pm est: Twitch Snood takes out Ghost Aydan.

3:45pm est: Faze Tfue couldn’t stick the landing.

3:48pm est: Ghost Saf eliminated.

3:48pm est: Faze Nate Hill fals to the storm.

3:50pm est: Liquid Chap, and Ghost Bizzle eliminated

3:50pm est: Morgausse out heals the storm to take six points in game three.

3:57pm est: Standings Morgausse leads the even with eight points, followed by C9 Blind with six points, and Faze Nate Hill, and Lanok_Twitch with four points each.

Game four

3:59pm est: Game four begins.

4:03pm est: Ghost Aydan takes down NICKMERCS.

4:05pm est: Tfue takes down C9 Blind.

4:08pm est: Envy_Lenanin eliminated.

4:10pm est: Ghost Aydan, and Tylarzz eliminated.

4:19pm est: Low gravity zone causes chaos in the last minutes of game four

4:20pm est: Liquid Poach eliminated

4:22pm est: Tendons places a trap in a very close quarters engagement with Sean was taken to take the victory royale.

4:50pm est: Anti gravity zones disabled for the rest of the tournament

4:51pm est: Standings Morgausse stands in the top with eight points, and C9 Blind at second with six points. Both closely followed by Tendons with six points.

4:53pm est: Seventh game added into format.

Game five:

5:00pm est: Game five begins.

5:01pm est: Twitch Snood eliminated

5:05pm est: Lanjok_Twitch eliminated

5:14pm est: Ghost SaF eliminated

5:17pm est: Morgausse, Faze Tennp0, and Ghost Aydan eliminated.

5:22pm est: NICKMERCS takes down Tfue.

5:23pm est: Faze Nate Hill takes down Liquid 72hrs to make it four players left in the lobby.

5:23pm est: Faze Nate hills falls to the storm as Bolt Naga Ops heals up to seal the victory royale.

5:30pm est: Standings Morgausse still stands at the top with eight points. Nate Hill fights himself to second place with seven points, and C9 Blind drops down to third place with six points.

Game six:

5:33pm est: Game six begins.

5:34pm est: Morgausse eliminated.

5:34pm est: Ghost Aydan takes down NICKMERCS for the fourth time in the tournament.

5:42pm est: Ghost Aydan takes down Ghost SaF, and apologizes to the camera.

5:43pm est: Ghost Bizzle eliminated.

5:45pm est: Ghost Aydan eliminated.

5:48pm est: C9 Blind eliminated.

5:55pm est: Faze Tfue falls to the storm.

5:56pm est: Liquid 72hrs gets the win in a very confusing series of events. Five players died in the last second making it very hard to spot others placements.

6:09pm est: Standings Mogausse still holds the top spot with eight points, but Faze Nate Hill closes in also with eight points, tendons at third with seven points, and C9 Blind with six points.

Game Seven:

6:11pm: Final game of the night begins.

6:13pm: Tilted is very hot with many players looking to put some eliminations on the board

6:13pm: Ghost SaF eliminated.

6:15pm: Faze Replays eliminated

6:16pm: Hysteria eliminated.

6:24pm: Liquid Chap eliminated

6:25pm: SEN Animal eliminated

6:29pm: STRUGS Eliminated

6:32pm: Tendons eliminated.

6:34pm:Liquid Poach eliminated.

6:35pm: Ghost bizzle eliminates Trizz to seal the last victory royale of the night.

6:38pm est: Morgausse takes home the top prize of $225,000 dollars.


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