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PAX West 2018 – Day 3

PAX West 2018 - Day 4

The last day of the qualifiers is here a lot of talent competing for 1.5 million dollars. If you are too busy to keep up with the stream we will make sure you are informed.

Watch the stream at: Fortnite

Live updates:

8:33pm est: List of players competing tonight posted

8:50pm est: 15 minute delay announced by IGN.

9:05pm est: Fortnite stream goes live. Games starting at 9:00pm est.

9:20pm est: Countdown ends, and casting begins.

9:24pm est: Winners of todays heats are:  Heat 1: SSG Colton, Heat 2: NRG Kaysid, and Heat 3: WBG Ranger.

9:33pm: Limited time mode high stakes showcased.

Game 1:

9:37pm est: Game number one begins.

9:43pm est: LG JAP2 eliminated

9:43pm est: Liquid Chap and Tfue clash, but after a few minutes of fighting they  disengage.

9:50pm est: NICKMERCS eliminated.

9:50pm est: Liquid Chap eliminates Tfue.

10:00pm est: FAZE Tempo pushes OT Divine to  take the win in the first game.

10:05pm est: Faze Tennpo tied with Liquid Chap with four points. Leading the qualifier after game one.

Game 2:

10:06pm est: Game number two begins.

10:06pm est: Liquid Chap taken down by Kayuun.

10:16pm est: NRG kaysid taken down by C9 Blind to make the remaining player count 50.

10:18pm est: CoL Pupper taken down by the storm.

10:22pm est: NICKMERCS eliminated.

10:25pm est: C9 Shivsy eliminated.

10:29pm est: Tfue drops Twitch tnReign from above to take game two.

10:34pm est: With Tfue, and Tennp0 winning the first two games Faze is dominating day three of the qualifiers.

10:43pm est: Tennp0 leading with six points, closely followed by his teammate Tfue with five points, and Liquid Chap stands at third place with four points.


Game three:

10:45pm est: Game three begins.

10:50pm est: 50 players remain in the match.

10:54pm est: NICKMERCS eliminated by Twitch Extatic.

11:02pm est: WBG Ranger eliminated.

11:02pm est: Liquid Chap eliminated.

11:06pm est: Twitch Tylarzz looking good with maxed out mats and ten eliminations.

11:09pm est: Twitch Tylarzz wins the third match by outhealing the storm with three campfires.


Game four

11:17pm est: Game number four begins.

11:19pm est: Tilted towers is very hot with a lot of players in the area.

11:19pm est:  Tylarzz eliminated

11:19pm est: C9 Blind eliminated

11:38pm est: Faze Jaomock drops down to eliminate Barnologist and secure the victory on game number four.

11:52pm est: Standings

11:56pm est: Place 33, and 34 are tied in every way. The 33rd place will go to a coin flip.

11:56pm est: Coin flip goes to The_Real_CRYOHME meaning he qualifies for the finals.

Notable events:

Tylarzz gets 10 eliminations and a victory royale on game three.

Three Faze players achieved a victory royale.


Full list of players that qualified to the finals:



Featured image provided by PAX


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