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Fortnite’s competitive groundwork

Fortnite's Competitive Groundwork

Epic’s Summer Skirmish concluded in PAX West 2018 and set the groundwork for Fortnite’s competitive future. Through a lot of experimenting they discovered a sweet spot to steer the scene in. A lot of different formats took part, and allowed us to speak up, creating a better viewer experience.

As of September 14, 2018 the Fall Skirmish is set. Six weeks of competition bring $10,000,000 into the Fortnite’s competitive economy. As a result birthing a great amount of hype that feeds the hungry viewers.

The Summer Skirmish series paved the way for the Fall games to be something great. Now all we have to do is wait for Epic to give us the full scoop on the first week.

This waiting period gives us a lot of room to think. Let’s discuss the elements that cement Fortnite as a premier esports experience.


All it took Epic games to jump back into the action was two weeks. A perfect amount of downtime that allows the viewers to take a small break while keeping Fortnite in the back of their minds. PAX 2018 gave us an epic conclusion that left us craving more Fortnite in the viewer base. Every Friday tons of fans tune in to twitch looking for Epic’s stream, and during this past two weeks they have not been satisfied.

Now Epic makes sure to cover the demand they have created. Supplying the viewer with more, and more content. Every week bringing in high level Fortnite for everyone to enjoy.

This consistency Epic Games brings into the table makes everyone feel comfortable. Soon grabbing a beer out of the fridge to sit down and watch the Skirmish will become the norm. If Epic keeps bringing more, and more content we are guaranteed greatness.


Changing formats almost every week adds a spice into the Skirmish’s mix that makes the events a little bit more interesting. As a result the pace changes every week. Pros are forced to adapt on the fly, and tailor a game plan to the format Epic gives us.

With this in mind, sometimes everything may take a turn for the worst, but whatever happens Epic learns from their mistakes. Grabbing their sticking points, and improving on what they have already created.

The experimentation they bring to the table allows for trying out a lot of different things and seeing what their viewers really want.

Due to all the work put into the viewer experience, Fortnite rises in the ranks of the esports community. Their ability to push past harsh criticism and technical issues cements this base, and allows them to exponentially grow.


Twitchcon brings us the next LAN sponsored by Epic games. Something that every viewer craves.

PAX 2018 brought so much hype into the table as Morgausse took the trophy to everyone’s surprise. Now hopefully Epic improves on the already great event they hosted.

If the pros are given a more comfortable setup that they can trust, we will definitely see them perform at their highest level.

It all depends on how Epic does things this time. They carry all the means to do whatever they want, and exponentially improve from tournament to tournament. Now only time will tell how events unfold.

Two formats

With the announcement of Fall Skirmish, Epic brings a different layer of competition. Every week will include both entertainment and competitive formats.

As players represent their respective teams, they are able to score in both formats. Exact details of how the entertainment format will work have not surfaced. However, as we get nearer to the event Epic will give us the scoop. It is mentioned that the weeks bring different kinds of challenges like ATK races, golf outings and different mini games.

How all of this works is left to speculation. After having Epic shower us with this information, feel free to comment down bellow and give us your thoughts.

Featured photo from Epic Games

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