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Fortnite X Jordan + World Cup Week 6

Fortnite X Jordan

This week has been very eventful for everyone’s favorite “Battle Royale”. Thanks to to the v9.10 Patch Notes, fans have learned about a very promising new addition to the Fortnite aesthetic. Fortnite has partnered with Jordan accessories to bring actual branded apparel into their gameplay. This addition also comes with a challenge pack unique to the set, where players can earn some of the recently added content.

What’s new in v9.10

Players in the Week 7 qualifiers better brush up on the v9.10 Patch Notes, as there will be some small but important changes coming their way.

Thanks to the Shadow Bomb’s popularity in last weeks qualifying round it received some very targeted mechanics updates. For example the items availability is being reduced making it harder to find both as a “floor drop” and in a chest. Also the natural drop count has also been decreased from three to two to “encourage risk vs. reward when picking the item up”.

Hot Spots are also coming to the world cup gameplay. These Hot Spots represent the presence of Loot Carriers which can be shot down for additional high-quality weapons. Loot Carriers drop a weapon of rare or higher quality along with two stacks of ammo which can level the playing field for an out-manned player.

Fortnite still on top

In other news, as of May 25, 2019, Fortnite is sitting on the top of the Twitch stream boards. With over 100-million streams this month they are the undisputed king of Esports streaming on Twitch. It is also worth mentioning that more than 10% of their total views are thanks to none other than Turner “Tfue” Tenney.


Fortnite x Jordan
Tweet from the FaZe clan congratulating “Dubs” & Megga” – image courtesy of @FaZeClan on Twitter

FaZe is Baack…

Continuing their trend of success, FaZe took the fifth place spot in last weeks Duos qualifying round. With Danny “Dubs” Walsh and FaZe “Megga” both earning a qualifying spot it seems the FaZe clan will be taking over the World Cup in New York.

“Tfue” leaving FaZe?

Fortnite x Jordan
Text from Turner ‘s brother- courtesy of @KEEMSTAR on Twitter

Despite all their success FaZe might be expecting a hefty loss in the near future. Turner “Tfue” Tenney has released a lawsuit against the clan. The lawsuit claims that their contract violated “California Business and Proffesionals Code 16600” by not allowing Turner to take any sponsorship deals other than those procured by FaZe itself. The document also references the staggering 80% finders fee applied to all aforementioned deals. After the lawsuit went public FaZe went to twitter to post a response which you can watch here.


There is also talk of Turner starting his own gaming association akin to what FaZe does. Although nothing set is set in stone there was a leak from Turner’s own brother regarding his future plans.

What do you think, is FaZe right or should “Tfue” reach for the stars?

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