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Fortnite: v8.10 Content Update

Fortnite v8.10 content update

There are lots of exciting additions in this v8.10 content update. Epic always has great updates and this one is next in a chain. There are quality of life improvements as well as tweaks that keep gameplay smooth. With updates like this one rolling out every week, this is looking like one of the best seasons so far.

The Baller

Fortnite v8.10 content update
Bandolette near one of the new Baller spawn locations // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The Baller is the newest vehicle in the Fortnite world. This over-sized hamster ball has 300 hp and keeps the player 100 percent protected. With a grappler in the front, this vehicle has great mobility without the overpowering force of weapons. Unlike the planes, this vehicle allows the player to move only, which makes it a fun item. The grappler is great for swinging from tree to tree or getting up to the mountain top.

At the moment, no keybinds are set for the Baller by default, so the player must choose them. Lots of players do not use the retract/ release keybind, so make sure to bind that too. That control lets players stay grappled while rolling away, making for an easy escape if something happens. All the player has to do is release that button and they will roll back towards the grapple site. This is a tactic many players do not use, so keep it in mind. The boost function also does structure and player damage, so swing around tactically.

AR Changes

Fortnite v8.10 content update
Bandolette picking up the new heavy AR // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

With no more common infantry rifle, the spawn for this weapon is not as aggressive as it was prior to the update. Infantry rifle projectiles have increased in size making it easier to hit shots as well.

For heavy assault rifles, the rarity has been adjusted to common/uncommon/rare and the damage to 36/38/40. This makes the heavy AR appear more during the game and the shots do not hit as hard anymore. This makes the players’ choice of weapon hard now. Since the heavy AR has more bloom but not too much more damage than a scar, which one should the player take? It comes down to preference but at the end of the day, damage is damage. The common heavy AR does more damage than a gold scar, so Epic may need to do a bit more balancing here.

Vending Machines

Fortnite v8.10 content update
New Vending Machine look // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Vending machines now have an interesting twist to them. Before v8.10, vending machines required players to deposit materials based on rarity in order to get items from them. Now, vending machines are free and deposit one item before disappearing. Now that they are only a one time use, players need to choose wisely. However, vending machines are currently bugged and can give out multiple items. If players use the machine at the same time, everyone gets that item. This is great in squads if everyone needs shields, everyone interacts at the same time and can get one. There is no word when this exploit will be fixed.

Matchmaking Pools

Crossplay matchmaking is not new, but it is now required to play online. Epic is merging ps4/xbox servers and mobile/switch servers. Players must now enable crossplay in their settings or they will be restricted to Creative and Playground. Epic said this change was to help get better optimization so more playlists can run at a time while having more data locations to run them. This was a random change but if it helps the servers that’s a plus.


Fortnite v8.10 content update
Bandolette using a medkit with new animation // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The animations are an awesome addition to the player experience. Now while using consumable healing items, an animation will play. The animation varies based on what item it is, but it’s a cool addition to the game. Small shields and slurps dump all over the players face while large shields are drunk in a similar manner. Medkits show the player rummaging through the medkit box and using various items. The chug jug gets the lid popped and the player drinks the whole thing. All the times are the same, but it’s cool to see Epic adding the little things to Fortnite that make it fun.


Fortnite v8.10 content update
In-game tournament menu // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

For competitive play, the gauntlet is back. Running 24 hours a day until March 19, the tournament will allow players to rack up a high point score. Matchmaking has been updated so players may have to wait in a queue longer than eight minutes to match with players their skill level. Some users such as Martoz have been in wait times for over 30 minutes, so time of day is something to think about.

Points awarded to players has been adjusted as well, giving solos two points for top 15 instead of top 10. Duos have a bus fare of three points now and get two points for top 14 instead of top 10. There will also be a 100 thousand dollar duos tourney March 16-17 where players can qualify to earn some prize money. This is Fortnite’s way of testing the payout system before all the World League stuff starts.


Fortnite v8.10 content update
Bandolette pinging apples with new marking system // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The marking system was also updated with lots of new features. Players can now mark consumables like apples around the map. A marker above the distance is also shown when a player marks a given area. The bush has been updated so players can mark anywhere with it on, while before it would mark the bush. The display of the markers has also been reworked so players can better read them. All of these improvements help players mark things around the map, and Epic is open to suggestions on more marking features.

The full list of patch notes can be found here.

Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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