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Fortnite: v8.01 Patch Notes Breakdown

v8.01 Patch Notes Breakdown

Fortnite season eight is a blast. Epic has added lots of quality improvements to gameplay as a whole. Player feedback is positive so far and it looks like a step in the right direction. In this v8.01 patch notes breakdown, the main points are the largest changes and do not include every change.

Treasure Maps

v8.01 Patch Notes Breakdown
Hybrid being led with the new treasure map // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Treasure maps are the newest addition to Fortnite and look to be a cool item. Found as a legendary item on floor drops and loot drops, the maps lead the player to an X. When the map is in the player’s hand and they right click, a little animation pops up with red lines leading the player in the right direction. Players can also look to the sky and see a glowing golden light where the chest is buried. When the player arrives at the X, the ground must be hit with the pickaxe to show the hidden chest. Once the player digs the chest up they can open it and multiple golden items come out, as well as materials.

The maps seem to be dropping a lot for players, but this is normal with any new item in Fortnite. This map will be very useful in early game scrim lobbies awarding players with great loot if maps are found early. All of those supplies come off as overkill. However, the community seems to like it so far, even though it increases RNG. Players who do find chests should be careful as these chests take a bit longer to open than a normal chest.


v8.01 Patch Notes Breakdown
In-game tournament screen with all point possibilities // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The newest tournament update is the Gauntlet test event. This event is not like normal events and the time period is three days long. With the gauntlet event, players are charged a two-point “bus fare” when dropping into each game. This means that if players are not meeting expectations for that point group they will be knocked down. Scores cannot go into negatives so players can never have less than 0 points. Kills are also worth one point each, making kills much more valuable.

This gauntlet mode is essentially a limited time ranked mode. The three-day limit gives everyone a chance to play regardless of the schedule they have. For the top 3000 players in duos and solos, they will be invited to the Gauntlet Finals. Here players will be given 10 games with the same point values as qualifiers and matched with great competition. This is just a test mode but the gauntlet already has lots of players wondering what will come for the future of Fortnite.

Audio Fixes

v8.01 Patch Notes Breakdown
Hybrid placing a floor hearing someone low on his ramp // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

At the beginning of season eight, Fortnite took player noises and revamped them. The distinction of player noises above and below are much better now than it was prior to season eight. The only downside to the noises is that they change instantly and are not smooth, until now. In v8.01, the noises have been blended to change smoothly instead of instantly. This allows players to better hear where an enemy is in relation to them.

The audio for the grey assault rifle was also altered. The old noise was very overpowering and did not allow players to hear during gunfights. The new noise is similar, but way less overbearing than before.

Enemy destroyed structures are also louder now, allowing for more precise locations for farming enemies. This will also help in fights where the enemy is breaking the build down. The louder noise will let friendly players know to get down before it is too late.

Fall Damage

v8.01 Patch Notes Breakdown
Hybrid sliding down a hill // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

While the fall damage change was slight, it is a step in the right direction. People always take fall damage from spots they should not, and it has impacted players for a long time. The change made was a slope from 65 degrees to 75 degrees. While it does not affect fall damage as a whole, sliding damage is now one less place players will lose four hp.



The full list of patch notes can be seen on Epic’s official site here.


Feature Image Courtesy of Epic Games

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