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Fortnite: Using Less Favorable Items Effectively

Fortnite: Using Less Favorable Items Effectively

In Fortnite, players drop in with one goal in mind, find a shotgun and get some kills. Taking on popular spots like Tilted is a struggle without the right loadout, especially when you open a chest with a bush inside. That bush isn’t going to help at that moment but could be very useful later on in-game. The same goes for items like the minigun or balloons. However, most players do not have these items after the first five minutes and leave them behind for better guns. These items are not top priority, making them the least favorable.

What is a “Least Favorable” Item?

A least favorable item is an item players drop early on in the game or do not even pick up. Items such as the bush or balloons are usually traded early on for the first meds or guns players see. These items aren’t too useful early game but do not count them out. Every loot drop in Fortnite has a purpose, some for more evasive play and some for advanced play. Each one of these lower tier drops has a use, and using these items in more creative ways can be the difference between dying and a highlight reel play.


Fortnite: Using Less Favorable Items Effectively
Black Knight reloading sniper after shooting opponent // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The most prevalent loot drop in Fortnite is definitely balloons. Dropping in on a chest and opening up a pile of balloons is heartbreaking, but there is still hope. Balloons do no damage to opponents and provide no benefit to the player, so they are often left behind. Mid and late game, balloons are a huge help for a variety of reasons. Using one balloon and jumping around causes your character to move slightly faster than running speed. Running towards the storm is now a thing of the past. Balloons are also used to out build and disorient enemies by making players hard to follow in the air and rapidly rising up. If you find yourself getting lasered out of the air, there is a solution for that too. Use a balloon to lift yourself a few feet off the ground. This allows for a larger view of the head and high ground advantage, allowing players to shoot a few shots and release the balloon. This strategy allows for a larger chance for headshots, easy high ground, and the ability to let your balloon go so no fall damage is taken.

The Bush

Fortnite: Using Less Favorable Items Effectively
Black Knight equipping bush mid-fight // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Balloons are not for everyone, and some players just like to lay low. The bush offers a lot of cover and is very easy to use. It is not seen as a tactical item, because it’s very easy to see a player moving around with one on. Also, it restricts players view considerably when equipped, leading to its demise. The bush does take up a whole inventory slot, but using it right can lead to some very cheeky plays.

The best strategy I have seen using a bush is putting it on mid-fight. When engaged in a fight, one player is often tagged up and will run away to heal. A medkit is ideal, but players will not always have 10 seconds. Instead, run to the bottom of your build, cover up and put on the bush. When the opponent comes down looking for a person healing, a bush will be overlooked since the player did not have it on prior to the engagement. This allows for a quick shotgun shot to the opponent and will even out the fight putting the player on offense instead of defense.


Fortnite: Using Less Favorable Items Effectively
Black Knight spraying down plane with a minigun // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Using the minigun is dangerous since players cannot move during its spray. Often dropped for an SMG, the minigun is no longer a mainstream weapon. If you are someone who doesn’t mind the risk, there are a few ways the minigun will improve your gameplay.

In duos, the minigun is very useful when pushing an enemy. When one player sprays the minigun at the opponent’s builds while the other rushes, it keeps the opponent busy so the rusher doesn’t take damage during the push. It also gives your teammate high ground advantage since the opponent was unable to build during the spray.

The Minigun is also useful for defending against planes. Doing 18-19 damage per shot to planes, the minigun will melt any plane that stands in your way. Just remember the minigun slows player movement down, so using it for too long will result in increased vulnerability to enemy fire.


All of the less favorable drops in Fortnite have a use. Just because an item does not have a practical or easy to see use doesn’t make it useless. Being creative is what Fortnite is all about, and using these items will not only increase creativity but highlight reels as well. Taking an item with no practical use takes skill, so showcase your skill by using these items. Who knows, maybe you will find the next mainstream tactic.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera


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