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Fortnite: Underrated Rotation Spots

Underrated Rotation Spots in Fortnite

When players play competitive Fortnite there is always a change in rotations in each season. Players love to experiment and find new spots where they can gain the edge over the competition. In season eight so far, the Baller is the meta and any spawn point is the spot to land. The spots are super crowded and the competition is high in higher point games. There are plenty of other places to go, and so many underrated rotation spots fly under the radar.

Frosty Flights to Frozen Lake

Underrated Rotation Spots in Fortnite
Un-named house on a hill near Frosty Flights // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Landing at Frosty Flights is a huge gamble. There is easily enough balls for a team or two, but there is a huge cost. Frosty Flights is rewarding to those players who go for the hangers. Grab a chest, get in the ball and go. Some players like to land and loot up in the metal buildings, but the balls are all gone by then. Once the player gets the ball and goes, there isn’t a good POI around for loot.

On the hill just outside the hanger, there is a small little house surrounded by trees. Inside this house, there is still a Christmas tree with up to three chest spawns. There is also a good amount of brick and wood here, so farming materials is easy. Floor loot is also all around the upstairs and it’s a great point to stop at.

After rolling away from here, players should always go by the frozen lake where Greasy Grove used to be. Inside of this lake are the roofs of old houses and the tackle shop where players can still get in through the roof. Inside the shop, there are one to two chest spawns and a few floor loot spawns. Players can also block the roof off and finish mining materials inside, with no chance of being shot. The entire outside is covered by ice, so nobody will see or hear who is in the building. Just be aware of what is going on around since the roof is also the only way out of there.

Lazy Lagoon to Statues

Underrated Rotation Spots in Fortnite
Stone and stone head on the hill near Lazy Lagoon // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

When some big name streamers like Tfue and Ninja go to a spot, people follow. Lazy Lagoon is now a popular spot and is always pretty contested. Players who land on the boat and are fortunate enough to find a shotgun run the show. Once the boat is clear players can get wood very easily from pallets, furniture and the front of the boat. If there are balls or not, the rotation is still effective since there are vents all around the water.

Players will have the best luck for loot by heading to the beach and looting there. There is a vending machine and up to three chest spawns on the beach. Right on the hill behind the beach are rocks that almost nobody bothers to farm. With a chest in the middle of five rocks, a duo who farms these rocks will easily get to max brick each. The rock grants 150 brick each plus a statue in the back giving up to 200. This spot is rarely looted, so even if players do not land Lazy Lagoon, check anyway. Once this spot is hit there are pirate camps and the block close by, as well as vents to get anywhere on that half of the map.

Sunny Steps to Hangers

Underrated Rotation Spots in Fortnite
Hangers next to Sunny Steps // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Sunny Steps is a location that is easy to win but hard to control. Players find themselves separated in duos since the loot is spread out so much. The amount of brick that can be farmed is through the roof and there’s always players around. This spot is a happy medium for a good player/loot ratio. Right next to Sunny Steps is where all of the action is, the hangers.

Inside of the hangers, there are enough ball spawns for two to three teams. This spot is super contested off the bus landing, but not rotating to. People just want to get a ball and go loot somewhere else, which makes them very high demand items. To rotate to this spot fast is an easy cleanup and allows the enemies no time to get materials since they already had to fight for the balls. If luck is on the player’s side, the enemy team here will be weak from fighting, making it a great situation. There is also a small village on the way there that has a few chest spawns as well as more wood and brick.

After the hanger, there are a few more small buildings on the backside of the map. Inside of the one near the water pits is a vending machine and another Baller spawn. There is also more chests and an opportunity to farm some metal along their entire rotation, giving the players max material before the first circle closes.

Happy Hamlet to Race Track

Underrated Rotation Spots in Fortnite
Race track next to Happy Hamlet // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The race track is a great addition to this part of the map. Before the race track, Happy Hamlet was a dead drop every time. Nobody went here and it was always a very easy but slow game. Now that the track is there with Baller spawns, Happy Hamlet always has people. Like a Christmas tilted, it has all the loot without the player count. There is loot everywhere and plenty of materials making it a great place to land.

Now that the race track is there, players can easily go and grab a ball to go loot the rest of the houses quickly. Even if there aren’t any balls, there are more by the unmarked location next to Polar Peak. There is also the little town north of Happy Hamlet which gives players who need to get away from the fight a place to go. Rotations from here allow players to really go anywhere they want. Shifty Shafts and the soccer stadium are great since those places don’t see much foot traffic. Lucky Landing also is great since it’s away from the fight. The race track has brought some life into this part of the map.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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