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Top Five Things Epic Games Should Remove From Fortnite


Merely days away from the start of Season 10, Fortnite ended Season 9 with an absolute bang. The live-event of all live-events, Epic Games delivered on a player experience like no other game can offer. They hinted at a mech on monster melee and they did not disappoint.

Some would argue that Season 9 revitalized the franchise. Interesting characters, exciting in-game additions and a fresh storyline made this season one of the best-to-date. However, as fans all know, Fortnite is technically still in ‘beta.’ This means that as long as there’s a market Epic will continue to make changes.

The game is currently great, but far from perfect. So, with that said, here are the top five things Epic Games should remove from Fortnite.


5. Mounted Turret

Fortnite Mounted Turret – Courtesy of Epic Games

Added back in Season 6, the Mounted Turret is more of a parasitic annoyance than anything else. The ‘legendary’ item is always in the midst of other lost loot; usually, next to an item you actually want in your inventory.

As you collect your spoils of war, the turret, much like a tapeworm, burrows into your arsenal and sits their idle, waiting to inhibit you from placing a needed trap to save your hide in a future moment of panic and strife. Instead of securing the short-term victory over your opponent by means of spiky demise, you place the clunky cannon while your enemy lands an unprotected shot to your dome. All you can muster after is, “I meant to place a trap…”


4. Drum Shotgun

Drum Shotgun – Courtesy of Epic Games

At the start of Season 9, shotguns were the weakest class in the world of Fortnite. The Combat Shotgun was introduced to replace the then vaulted Pump Shotgun and the always secondary, Tactical Shotgun was the only other option. However, in less than a month, Epic Games has bombarded players with a plethora of close-encounter weaponry. The Pump was un-vaulted and as of the 9.40 patch we have a new and useful purple and gold rendition of the Tactical Shotgun. Almost overnight, the weakest category in Fortnite has become the most crowded.

In the midst of all this, Epic Games thought it would be a good idea to include the Drum Shotgun…

The weapon description should read – ‘No Skill Required.’ The Drum Shotgun is solely a ‘W-Key’ weapon. It’s only effective up close, but only in the quantity of bullets, not the quality. Additionally, the ability to corner-peak or land a well-placed headshot is wasted effort. Players merely must run in a straight line at their attacker and hold down the fire button. No legitimate player in the world of Fortnite will ever utter, “Oh yay, a Drum Shotgun.”


3. Burst SMG

Burst SMG – Courtesy of Epic Games

Who wanted this? No one. That’s the answer. No one wanted or needed this gun to exist. So many of these guns litter the average game that they must be mating. No other gun appears as frequently as the Burst SMG and that may be the primary reason it’s as despised as it is. It’s like a person that people say will grow on you. They don’t grow on you. They only get more annoying and the more you see them, the more you wished they were thrown in a vault.

The only burst weapon needed was the Burst Assault Rifle. Yes, it was frustrating at times, especially at the start of a game, but it was a far superior weapon. Initially, this gun replaced the silenced SMG. Luckily, Epic Games realized their mistake. The Silenced SMG was un-vaulted, but before that we only had the burst and the Tactical SMG. The Tactical is a fine weapon, but the silenced and regular SMG were both superior guns.

The Burst SMG is fine early game in close-range but is not a replacement to any other SMG or shotgun. To summarize this weapon – kill it before it breeds.


2. Haunted Hills/Junk Junction

Haunted Hills – Courtesy of Fortnite Wiki

With all the changes made to Fortnite, it’s a surprise that the northwest corner of the map has yet to undergo a facelift. Though not the oldest locations on the map, both Haunted Hills and Junk Junction have remained relatively the same since Season 2. Additionally, both have remained relatively slow starting points. They’re the minivan of drops – they’ll get you there, but not anytime soon. The only reason people will frequent these locations is if there is a weekly challenge that requires you to do so.

With all the drastic changes, both good and bad, it’s a real surprise that this is the last corner remaining. Moisty Mire, Risky Reels, Flush Factory and the now frozen lake that was once Greasy Grove, have all perished. It’s time for this combo to do the same.


1. Neo Tilted

Neo Tilted – Courtesy of Epic Games

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The most iconic location on the entire map, almost synonymous with the name Fortnite was Tilted Towers. The hot-drop of all hot-drops, Tilted Towers was the battleground within the battleground and had no business being destroyed.

Season 9 brought in a number of changes for the positive, but renovating the face of Fortnite was not one of them. Neo Tilted is clunky and the sound from the steel structures prevents players from properly identifying where opponents are. The modern design is cool in theory, but can’t replace the nostalgia of its predecessor.

The one positive to Neo Tilted is that less people land here. Before, Tilted Towers easily housed a quarter of the lobby at the start of the game. Now, due to fan frustration, players disperse more evenly. End-game scenarios are far more fulfilling, but Neo Tilted was not the solution. What was gained did not replace what was lost. RIP Tilted Towers.


Tilted Towers – Courtesy of Epic Games


So, there you have it: The Top Five Things Epic Should Remove. Comment below what you would remove.


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