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Fortnite: The Significance of the Pop-up Cups

The events tab introduced tournaments to Fortnite. These in game tournaments have a scoring system very similar to the Fall Skirmish events, and give everyone the opportunity to participate in a competitive setting.

Fortnite: The Significance of the Pop-up Cups

Scavengers Pop-up cups have introduced a new piece to the puzzle that is Fortnite – Image: Playtube

With its implementation, Epic introduced the “Scavenger Pop-up Cup”.

They added huge game changes, and had players engage in a competitive setting inside it. The first Pop-up cup added  50 HP, and/or shield gain per kill, set the resource cap on 500 per resource, and increased the harvesting rate by 40 percent.

Kills have been a factor of controversy inside the competitive community. In the scoring system, placing carries a heavier weight, being able to grant the competitor a total of five points if they achieve a victory royale. Meanwhile the maximum points achievable by kills alone is three. This takes away incentive from going for aggressive games, and as a result slows the pace of the game down.

Epic has made one too many changes to its main lineup trying to change the flow of the game. Which brings the next point.

Fortnite needs safe experimentation

Games like Overwatch, Dota 2 and LoL have dedicated test servers where they test features before implementing them into the main client.

Fortnite suffers from inconsistency. It keeps tossing competitive and casual players around with its constant chaos. All core gameplay changes implemented carry their fair share of consequences. Epic tends to dive straight in, and implement changes. Glider redeploy, splodes buff and nerfs to building are good examples of this. Currently, players are upset due to all the game shaking changes that have recently happened. This frustration has built up over time , and now it is boiling.

The implementation of new features is great… to a point. Pop-up cups give Epic a higher range of flexibility. The ability to test new features without upsetting the whole player base. Epic’s solution to the problem that they created.  .

Fortnite: The Significance of the Pop-up Cups
Epic’s Winter Royale – Image: Dexerto

The “Scavenger Pop-up cup” settings are being used for the Winter Royale tournament qualifiers. An extremely risky action because of its lack of practical application. The regular lineups don’t provide the players with these settings. To gain some experience in these modes players had to enter the past events. This is due to the main lineup of game modes not having the same adjustments.

The Pop-up cups work as testing grounds. They provide Epic with the ability to take calculated risks before changing the game as a whole.

However a question arises.

How should these testing grounds be used?

The Formula

A very simple formula helps avoid frustration. Implement in the Pop-up cups, see results, take feedback and then tweak or implement changes into the main lineups.

This should please its audience as they try to keep growing as players. It also allows Epic to add whatever they think will enrich the game without major consequences, and it should stay like that.

These settings shouldn’t be used on tournaments before the community as a whole has access to them. This limits the potential for controversy, and adds wiggle room for Epic’s creativity.

Don’t piss off the community

It is as simple as this. Epic games, stop playing. It is time to slow things down, and use the safe space created. Fortnite stands at a point where even the pros are extremely frustrated. Glider redeploy managed to split the player base in a way never before seen.

Fortnite’s lack of security is catching up to it. If players don’t see a change they will eventually flee to another game leaving Fortnite in the dust. So Epic listen more to the community, and get over this rough patch.

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Featured photo provided by Dexerto

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