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Fortnite: The Best Update This Season

The best fortnite update in season eight

The v7.40 update is finally here, and it is easily the best update this season. The changes implemented to gameplay change the whole way the game is played. Good players are rewarded for kills, bad players are punished with low resources, and this makes the game just a little more fun. Fortnite has not been fun for the community for a long time, and this patch is changing that.

50 Health/Shield Per Kill

The best fortnite update in season eight
Heidi finishing off an opponent for 50 shields// In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The biggest change to the general playlists is that players receive 50 health/shields for every kill they earn. This is a mechanic that has only been in pop-up cups until now. Receiving this bonus rewards good players with a health or shield boost when fighting enemies. When players land at hot drops, it is very hard to find loot after the two-minute mark. Players are so saturated that meds are hard to come by. By killing people early on, it gives players the boost they need to rotate and kill the next enemies. Killing early grants shields, so early pushing is the best move since that player has the upper hand.

This change also adds a very strategic element in both solos and squads. If one player is at 50 health and the other is at 200, it is wise to plan shots on the other team. If one enemy is weak, the player with the lower health can finish them off, granting 50 health. That puts that player in a better spot for the rest of the fight, especially if that player doesn’t have heals. In certain scenarios, players will not have time to heal up before another fight begins. Planning shots on the fly will make the players life easier if they need health or shield.

Smarter Decisions

The best fortnite update in season eight
Skully taking low ground to save materials // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Before this update, the material cap for players sat at 3000. Now, all players are limited to 1500 materials and 40 percent more efficient farming. This change is another brought from the pop-up cups, and it helps to raise the skill ceiling. Players cannot just do 90’s and waste materials like before. With the max material cap cut in half, players need to be smart about what fights they get into. With low materials, it is best to keep low ground and play slow to wait for zone or for the enemy to push. This will conserve materials and force the player to make decisions they would not have to make with 3000 material.

The skill ceiling is raised because the lower material count forces players to make decisions about what they do with the material they have. In public matches, the player skill level is never as high as pop-up cup games, but this change can fix that. With all players, regardless of skill level, forced to choose their battles, the regular games could get more competitive. Decision making will get better, and players will play for more end game in order to conserve materials.

Third Party is No More

The best fortnite update in season eight
Skully fighting multiple teams // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

With the addition of the health and shields bonus per kill, it fixes the most annoying part of Fortnite. Third partying is the hardest thing to deal with, and this bonus makes it easy. Since killing players grants health and shield, just single one enemy out at a time. Finishing off one team gives players everything they need to fight the next. If a player has teams all around them, just pick a team and rush. Killing one team takes pressure off and allows the team to regroup to go fight the enemy. Before the patch, players would have to rush and heal, making them vulnerable after a fight. In the current meta, enemies that rush vulnerable players instead meet players who are full health and ready to fight.

Meta Changes

The best fortnite update in season eight
Skully using SMG to follow shotgun shot // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Fortnite releases patches every week, so the meta is always changing. The current meta is drastically different than it was 48 hours ago. With the Deagle being nerfed, SMG’s are now the better option to follow up a shotgun. Players without a Deagle are no longer at a disadvantage since they cannot break wooden walls in one hit anymore. Heals are also not a big deal anymore since you get health and shield on every kill. This change allows players to comfortably run four guns without the need for minis and another heal. The heavy sniper is now the only gun that can break any wall in one hit, so it is a great weapon for end game. Players will adapt to the new meta and find what works for them, but right now pump/SMG is a great combo.



Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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