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Fortnite: The Best Unnamed Locations

The Best Unnamed Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite is a game very reliant on loot. Scavenging for guns is essential to a player’s immediate survival and can mean life or death in early game. Lots of players like to land at POI’s or named locations since there is more loot there. Even though the looting system is based on RNG, people associate more chests with better loot. This is not true as you just have more chances to get better loot. This is a huge reason why players are afraid to land in smaller locations. Landing at these smaller locations is risky, but each one has its own unique payoff. Unnamed points are not something to be afraid of but looked at as an alternative. Too high up or switching it up are just a few reasons to try some of these locations out.

DISCLAIMER: All of the chest spawn numbers are based on Reddit user Z444Z and iamRadic’s findings shown here.


The Best Unnamed Locations in Fortnite
Aerial view of Pueblos town // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

In this little town southwest of Paradise Palms, Pueblos has proven to be a great landing spot. With no official name, Pueblos is simply a nickname used by gamers across social media. With a max of 19 chests across a few small houses, there is a lot of loot in a small area. Most of these houses are also multiple levels and offer a lot of furniture, which can be quickly harvested to gain a few mats. They also boast a location that is far enough from a POI that is isn’t likely enemies will rotate to you immediately. This gives you plenty of time to loot, farm some of the trees nearby and to rotate to some rifts by the waterfall just east of the town. The rifts offer lots of mobility when leaving the town since you are so far out from the rest of the map.

Retail Outskirts

The Best Unnamed Locations in Fortnite
Aerial view of the abandoned house near Retail // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

A fantastic spot for solos, there is an abandoned house just east of Retail Row. While there is almost no loot at the house, there is a chest spawn and four floor drop spots. The beauty of this spot is not from the house, but from the shack behind it. This brick shack will often have a chest in it as well and is surrounded by cactus. These cactus offer an impressive 350 wood when totally farmed, which isn’t bad considering they break after 3-5 hits. This spot is also close by to a diner, racetrack and an RV depot. The proximity of all these locations is what makes this abandoned house a great starting point for players looking to chance some loot for a high early game material count.

Arctic Island

The Best Unnamed Locations in Fortnite
Aerial view of arctic island // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The arctic island is the island in the bottom left corner of the map, with no zip line or bridge to get there. Another great solo spot, this island generates up to three chests and always has a rift spawned. That means any player can land at this island, grab the chests, farm up around 200 wood, and get off in around a minute. This is enough time for enemies nearby to grab a few guns but will give the player a material advantage. That leaves the player with the choice of rifting to those enemies or simply leaving them behind to go find some more loot. Either way, the island is remote and out of the way, leaving players to start their game in total peace.

The “Edit” House

The Best Unnamed Locations in Fortnite
Aerial view of “edit” house near Wailing Woods // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The “edit” house is a remote house north of Wailing Woods. With three chest spawns, this house is loaded with floor loot and has many things to farm nearby. This spot has enough loot for a duo but isn’t meant to be the only place visited. With Wailing close by and the Block to its west, it makes for a good landing spot. The ice cream truck is also nearby on a hill, which has up to three chest spawns on it. If a player lands at the edit house and the loot is good, Wailing Woods also has plenty of trees to farm. There are also plenty of inter-connected houses in Wailing, leaving the player with many options on where to go. In the underground bunker, a rift always sits in the science room ready to take as well.

The Castle

The Best Unnamed Locations in Fortnite
Aerial view of the destroyed castle near Pleasant // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Recently knocked down, the castle northwest of Pleasant Park is a great spot to drop. If a player wants to land near a hot drop without too much traffic, this is the place. The castle has a max of nine chest spawns and is fairly small, making it fast to loot. Big enough for a squad landing, it allows players to rotate right into Pleasant to make quick work of any fight going on.

The castle does not have a great material count but is very close to two POI’s. Haunted Hills is on the other side of the mountain, with Junk Junction just a short run away. This allows for quick rotations if loot is the player’s goal. If kills are on the mind, Pleasant always has action and is on the low ground leaving players at an immediate disadvantage. There is also a chance rifts will spawn on the mountain with the castle, which means players also have to option to leave and glide far away to safety.

Viking Hill

The Best Unnamed Locations in Fortnite
Aerial view of viking hill // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Last but not least is Viking Hill, located just east of Snobby Shores. This hill is very versatile in terms of rotation and offers a lot of different paths for players to take. With up to eight chest spawns and a good amount of floor loot, there are plenty of guns for the squad. When the whole place is empty, there are always rifts up there to take to nearby POI’s. There are also two zip lines that connect to the back end of the mountain, allowing players to quickly move to the neighboring mountain. That mountain is home to the rocket launch site and has planes sitting just below. If neither of these suit your style, players can always hop down to Snobby and take advantage of all the loot in each of those houses. Snobby holds 15 chest spawns and is a great option since it is so close by.




Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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