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Fortnite Strategies: The Third Party

Fortnite can be fun and exciting, other times it can be frustrating and filled with unfortunate circumstances. Fortunately there are ways to minimize the headache, ways such as dealing with RNG and gate keeping. Although what do you do when you are in a build fight and all of a sudden a third person jumps in and joins the chaos? What if you want to be the third person and you have no clear cut idea on how to engage effectively? This article will cover the basics of dealing with and being the third party in solos.

What is a third party?

In Fortnite the third-party strategy is mostly effective in any phase in the game. You often see third party plays during early game where players are more concerned with dealing with what is in front of them than watching their backs. In mid game players with a decent mid to long range weapon will try to snipe out players who are in a fight from a safe distance; or just hold the W-key and jump into the chaos. As for late game there can be more than one third party player and more often than not an entire lobby can be focusing on one person rather than multiple ones. Third party is salt inducing and can cause a lot of headache. Here is a basic example of third partying:

When to third party and when not to third party
Targeting a distracted player in Fortnite // in-game capture by cosinejoe

As a third party player you need to thrive on chaos and always be looking for opportunities to snag a kill safely. A player should third party a fight when they have an adequate amount of building materials and a load out that suits their play style. Third party players should also be aware of what phase of the match it is; if it’s late game it may not be very wise to third party a fight with a green pump shotgun with less than 200 resources. Always be aware of your resources and load out when pushing. Failing to do so may result in you getting caught reloading or trying to build a wall with no materials.

Dealing with a third party

In short, take care of issues right away and don’t build very high up early and mid game. If a fight lasts longer than needed, it’s basically just asking for a third party to intervene. A fight lasting longer than a minute usually ends up with very low health, low materials and more than likely out of the safe zone. Dealing with a fight as quickly as possible can lower the risks of a third party bothering you. If you have no mobility items and can’t properly disengage safely, your safest bet is to go play defensively. Place a box around you and wait it out.

Taking a kill as a third party in solos // in-game capture by cosinejoe

The third party player wants the other two players to get flustered and make mistakes. Keeping a level head, establishing a good position for yourself (high ground or in a box) can ruin a third party play. A good portion of third party players often try to bite off more than they can chew. Try to not get flustered and careless when you see more than one player running and shooting at you, set the pace of the fight and take control of the situation.


Third party players enter a fight causing chaos and destruction to everyone involved in the conflict. Third party players are no more than nuisances. Annoying they may be, but as soon as they run into someone with a clear head and a better understanding of the game than them they will either over estimate their own skill or run away. In short:

Being the Third Party

  • Third parties aren’t restricted to one load out or play style.
  • Third parties are viable in any phase of the game.
  • Don’t over estimate your skill

Dealing with a Third Party

  • Prolonging fights is bad.
  • Don’t lose your cool.
  • Set the pace of the fight


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