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Fortnite Strategies: Dealing With RNG

Winning a match in Fortnite is more than hitting your shots and being a master at building. You can spend hours upon hours in Playgrounds cranking out 90 degree turns and practicing one on one build fights. However if you want to win more consistently players need to exhibit more than fancy editing and hitting crazy shots. In this article we are going to talk about Minimizing RNG. RNG stands for Random Numbers Generator and it is very generous or very unforgiving. At one point or another all of us have experienced horrible first drop loot. It is impossible to make RNG not a factor in your games, but with some knowledge it can be manageable. Let’s start off in early game. 

Early Game RNG
Fortnite Growler finding a Rocket Launcher // In-game capture [email protected] cosinejoe

Having good location knowledge can help tremendously for early game. Knowing where typical floor spawns are and chest locations can minimize RNG greatly. Say you drop at Dusty Divot and it’s congested with players. Loot typically spawns on the roofs and there is a chest in between both warehouses. Having that knowledge alone puts you a step above the rest of the players landing there. Your odds of survival is in your favor compared to another player who has no idea where the loot is. You can also just land in a less congested point of interest. Generally it is in your best interest to drop low and be the first to land on a gun.

Late Game RNG

Having a good position, weapon loadout and material count in late game is nice, but bad RNG can render everything listed useless.

Floor loot in Fortnite isn’t that bad // in-game capture by @cosinejoe

In Late game, RNG is mostly on storm locations and rotations. There is a slim chance that the safe zone can be on any surviving players’ location, and an even greater chance of just screwing everyone in the lobby. We’ve seen horrible late game storm placements in our own games at one point and we have definitely seen them in skirmishes. Late game safe zones spawning on the side of a mountain or being the size of a quarter in the middle of loot lake, there is little we can do about that. What we can do is preemptively prepare for it.

Finding some sort of mobility item such as Shockwave grenades, Grapplers and rift-to-go can make the horrible storm situation bearable. Even Balloons and Ice Traps can make end game even a little bit bearable with enough creativity and situational awareness. With Patch 6.31 you don’t need to have a mobility trap or item to win parse but it does make life easier.

Getting a kill with a pistol in Fortnite // in-game capture by @cosinejoe


Can’t win them all

As long as a player can display good map knowledge, resource management and assess any situation, RNG can seem like a trivial thing. Scrim players and Pros are just as susceptible to bad RNG as casual players. Players just need to remember you can’t win them all. Losing is going to happen especially in Fortnite and that is normal. Learn, adapt and overcome.

In closing:

  • Early Game RNG depends on how well you know the location
  • Late Game RNG depends on late game storm circle
  • Can’t really take RNG out of the equation, just make it more bearable

Featured image courtesy of @Cosinejoe.

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