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Fortnite Stink Bombs: Open, Finish or Reset?

The use of stink bombs vary between each individual player and most times players just avoid it altogether. Therefore what are Stink Bombs used for, an engagement or closer tool? There is no real correct way to use an item. However we can discuss what seems to be the most effective and ineffective way to use it during each phase. Here are the stats so far for Stink Bombs:

  • Creates a stinky cloud that deals 5 damage every half-second within the cloud.
  • 9-second duration.
  • 90 damage in total
  • Rare rarity.
  • Can be found anywhere
  • Loot in stacks of 3 with a maximum stack of 6.
Fortnite Stinks in inventory // In-game capture by. cosinejoe

Should you open with Stinks?
No, unless the situation you are in says otherwise. Due to being slow acting it’s not best to use as an opener. There are plenty of better options to use, such as Dynamite, Grenades and a wide array of guns. Stink bombs create a giant cloud that zones both parties off, making it difficult to track the battlefield. Stinks can be used to get a defensive player out of their box, but due to spawn rates, it will be rare to do such a play.


Fortnite Verge Testing Stink Bombs on Bots // in-game capture by. cosinejoe

Yes, it is a great tool to use to finish off an opponent who is caught out healing. Although it does no structure damage the gas can phase through walls, thus causing most defensive players to panic. If your opponent is running away, use a combination of Stink and guns to finish them off. It is also important to keep in mind your opponent’s health when using this item as a finisher. If you misjudged your opponents health and use the item it can put you in an awkward position to blow more materials than needed. Just be sure you don’t stink yourself.


Stink Bomb gas is 4 tiles wide by 2 tiles tall on ground // in-game capture by. cosinejoe

If you are not doing so well in a fight a good well placed throw can force your opponent to get off of you. There is no shame in resetting a fight, and the use of Stink Bombs can get you that breathing room you need. Instead of running away or using valuable items and/or majority of your materials, throw a stink bomb at your opponent and box up to heal. The Stink bomb gas can take up a lot of space, so be sure to use it carefully. Used unwisely can further decrease your chances of survival, closing off your only escape path, giving away your position and damaging yourself.

Each Phase

Stink Bomb in Fortnite // In-game capture by cosinejoe

Beginning phase use of Stink Bombs is hit or miss. They are good for the chaotic nature of this phase. However it is recommended to have some sort of gun to follow up with. Even if your gun is gray (Common) your odds of survival are in your favor with the combination of Stink Bombs. For more information you can follow up by reading Nicholas Rivera’s article on Hot Drops.

Mid phase use of Stink Bombs is good but not great. Due to its mid to short range throwing distance, Stink Bombs are best to be used as a reset or a third party finisher. Depending on the density of your lobby can also determine how viable the item is. A congested mid phase can cause every aggressive player to flock to the gas in hopes to third party; in mostly empty mid phase, it’s best to save the item towards the end. For more information on mid phase watch this video done by Joseph “cosinejoe” Reyes.

End phase use of Stink Bombs are highly recommended. In scrims players do use this item as an opener. For highly congested lobbies it is great to zone people off and cause them to panic and make unwise decisions. In less congested end phases you can still use the item in combination with good positioning and awareness.

In Closing

Stink Bombs are most effective during end phase. It is recommended to use them to reset a fight or to finish off a low target. There is no right or wrong way to use an item, there is most effective and ineffective ways however.

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