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Fortnite: Season Eight Speculations

Fortnite season eight speculations

Among all of the drama surrounding the Fortnite and Apex debate, people have forgotten that season eight is two weeks away. Epic has not released any information yet, but there are a lot of season eight speculations circulating online. February 28 is when the season is scheduled to start. However, Epic usually extends the season so players can finish up any last minute challenges. Normally there is some kind of in-game event going on leading up to a new season, this one is a little more subtle.


Earthquakes started to rumble the Fortnite map after the release of the v7.30 update. Players started to see that the map was rumbling around them. Data miners also found audio files for earthquakes. While these earthquakes are small now, it could mean a large earthquake is on its way. A large earthquake with a larger magnitude is capable of altering terrain drastically. Epic usually alters the map a ton during a new season, so it would make sense. Along with increasing strength comes cracks in the earth’s surface, which is a possibility in the delayed v7.40 patch. Fans have also speculated a volcano will erupt in response to the ice king event. This theory is supported by the dark bomber skin. Upon close inspection, dragons fly around a volcano on her shirt spraying fire near what looks to be a lava pit.


Fortnite season eight speculations
Dragon eggs in the cell under Polar Peak // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Polar Peak has been melting away week-by-week, revealing more secrets about the Ice King. A few weeks ago players were given access to a room with jail cells and the prisoner. With the prisoner skin having unlockable stages, it may give players clues as to what is happening this season. Inside one of the cells, there is a cluster of opaque eggs. Inside each egg is a baby dragon, waiting to hatch. It is still unclear if these eggs will hatch or if Epic is throwing its players for a loop. The eggs’ shells have receded since their reveal, leading players to believe they will hatch.

When Epic removed the Infinity Blade, they acknowledged that it was a mess up and they wanted to re-evaluate mythic weapons. The hatching of the dragons could mean an LTM with the infinity blade and dragons being slain. The ice king has been holding the blade on the loading screen all season, so it would not be surprising to see its return. This LTM could also inspire some great cosmetic items relating to dragons, like the ice dragon glider that was released with the Valkyrie outfit.

Map Changes

Fortnite season eight speculations
Submarine on top of a glacier near Frosty Flights // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

There are lots of different things that can happen to the fortnite map in its current state. With Polar Peak melting, players want to know if the rest of the ice will melt too. The submarine is a huge hint the ice is going to melt but leaves a hole. If the ice were to melt, what would become of all the POI’s? The section of snow would be covered in water. If this were to happen, Epic would have to change the way players interacted with water. Since there is no deep water on the map, it is not known if players could submerge or not.

Another in-depth theory comes from LethalSnowmeme on Reddit. LethalSnowmeme’s post states that Fortnite will revert to medieval times this season. The theory is supported by previous seasons as well as season seven. With the addition of a new castle and banners, this redditor believes factions will occur around the map. Wailing Woods has seen a statue that moves through the brick, known as a golem in medieval times. Epic has also released snow knights and there is already a castle opposite of polar near Pleasant Park. If this theory plays out, it would make for an exciting season eight.

The full theory can be read at LethalSnowmeme’s post here. All of these speculations are fan based and are not backed by Fortnite or Epic.

Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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