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Fortnite Season 10 Ends Spectacularly and Then Nothing

Dubbed, “The End”, Fortnite Season 10 had an incredible ending. During the middle of Week 6 of the NFL and Worlds for League of Legends, Epic had possibly the most viewed gaming event of all time. With millions of people watching, what can only be described as a cataclysmic event ended with every player in the game seeing a black hole. This was all anyone could see for awhile. Twitch was struggling to handle the amount of people watching and it seemed as though the Fortnite servers were completely down.

Then, something appeared, a little mini-game similar to Galaga where the player moves across the bottom and shoots enemies that are coming down at them. This so far has been the extent of anything happening on screen. The most interesting part has been that even Twitch has recently changed its featured image for Fortnite to the black hole.

So What’s Next?

Right now many people are theorizing that at some point in the next few hours, they will load back up into Season 11. Many people have been discussing that it is possible that Fortnite is getting a brand new map. Apex Legends recently did something similar where instead of adding and subtracting to their map they just brought out something completely different. It seems as though Epic Games had been planning this all along and the fact that it is happening around the same time is merely coincidence.

Either way, unlike many people are claiming Fortnite is not dead, nor is it the actual end. Instead it seems like a revamp of one of the already most influential video games of all time. Expect to see something incredible for Season 11.

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