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Fortnite: Plans For The Future

Fortnite has been one of the top battle royale games on the market for some time now, making it a much better past-time than playing online casino games, other shooting games, or adventure games. However, while it has been so popular, the title has seen a decline in recent months, but what are the plans for the future?

Analysts have recently found the game files of Fortnite to contain a new game mode. During the epic games vs. apple court battle, there was a lot of speculation about a sandbox mode or open-world RPG. Although recent leaks have revealed Fortnite’s future plans, it seems they have improved since then. Fortnite fans will also have the chance to play a brand new emote along with a brand new game mode. Epic Games has previously released Macarena-inspired emotes, and now they’re offering an emote based on a classic dance step. Fans will have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming Fortnite update, as the game will undergo a transformation like no other.

New Weapons

According to popular leaker HYPEX, Epic Games plans to introduce a new Epic/Legendary charge sniper rifle. The weapon deals 178 headshot damage and 89 body damage in the headshot, effectively making the weapon a one-shot kill. It is also possible to charge up a sniper and deal more damage if players are patient enough and have an accurate aim. Fortnite might have one of the most incredible new weapons that arrived in the game, even though we do not know about the damage multiplier.

Beyonce Introduced to Fortnite

Fortnite will soon add the famous dance from Beyoncé’s song All the Single Ladies, along with new weapons. Epic Games have indicated that various iconic dance moves will be included in future Battle Royale games. This project began with Macarena and will continue with “All the Single Ladies” later this year. We only know of two emotes currently, but future updates will offer more emotes to send players back in time.

Valuation of Fortnite

Epic Games, the company behind the popular Fortnite Battle Royale title, has seen a rapid rise since the title was released three years ago. Two years ago, Epic Games was reportedly profiting close to $3B at that time, according to December of 2018. Fortnite has gained popularity among players of all ages ever since, capturing their attention and capturing their money. Because of this, Epic Games’ valuation increased to $15B almost entirely due to the game. 

Apparently, Epic Games is seeking a new round of funding at a price higher than its previous valuation of $15 billion, according to a Bloomberg article. In addition, a massive funding effort is being made by Fortnite developers in 2020, which would significantly increase their valuation above $15 billion. While Epic Games’ latest effort is not known for sure, its impact could be greater both in the near and long-term for Fortnite.

Fortnite may receive more funding in the future, bringing more opportunities and deepening its changes. In any case, we should remember that Epic Games has more than just Fortnite on its plate. According to Bloomberg, Epic games “acquired Houseparty last year for undisclosed funds.” Epic is actively seeking to expand beyond Fortnite, as demonstrated by their acquisition of Houseparty. It takes more than one game to make a company worth $15B. Competitive community members were happy to receive this news and hoped that more tournaments and larger prize pools would follow in the future.

Fortnite Concert

Fortnite is still a popular game, although it is clear that the title isn’t what it once was. Unfortunately, the second chapter of Fortnite has not seemed to go down as well with the more hardcore players. However, a new introduction of a Travis Scott skin and concert has hopes to inject more life into the once ultimate Battle Royale game.

LeBron James

Also found in the court documents was a crossover with LeBron James. He is shown holding an Icon Series logo in a still image. While Fortnite x NBA The Crossover players expected an official LeBron James Fortnite skin, a set of customizable skins were introduced instead. On July 12, Epic Games confirmed NBA’s MVP would be joining the world-famous Battle Royale. Their announcement was posted on their official blog page. In addition to Marshmallow, Ninja, Loserfruit, other celebrities have a character in the game.

Basketball fans will find this exciting addition to Fortnite. Besides customizing their own basketball skins, players can also play as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. 

Future Fortnite Events

Fortnite’s next major event, Epic’s creative director, has said, will change the game’s future, according to reports. It looks like a previous character might be returning, though the team has yet to reveal what’s planned. As part of the Device event at the end of Chapter 2, Season 3, Epic has also recorded Troy Baker, who played Agent John Jones.

It’s possible that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney hinted at this significant change by asking whether he thought of Fortnite as a platform or a game last December. The developer responded that Fortnite was merely a game. But you can ask this question again in 12 months. But that time has almost come, and Epic claims they will announce something at The Game Awards, which will take place on December 10, which hints that Fortnite will be officially announced there.

Fortnite will, however, be transformed into its next season by Epic. Likewise, the crossover with Marvel doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. According to Mustard, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will last “many, many, many years,” so it would be wise to keep an eye on the show in the coming months.

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