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Fortnite: Patch v6.00 analysis

Fortnite: Patch v6.00 Analysis

Fortnite’s season 6 is finally here. Patch v6.00 introduces some new elements into the battlefield, and shows that Epic is reading into the communities issues. Full mostly with positive changes it makes sure to try its best to put Fortnite in a good place.

Epic took a set of items, and straight up vaulted them without warning. Is this wrong? Time will tell.

The impressing patch notes gave us a series of long awaited changes, and more than one surprise. Let’s go over what happened in patch v6.00.

Shadow Stones

A picture of the Shadow Stones – Image: PCGamesN

This patch adds a brand new consumable to the game. Shadow Stones now spawn in corrupted zones or where the cube previously left runes. This brand new tool is at the disposal of players around Fortnite island.

Fortnite: Patch v6.00 Analysis
Shadow stone patch notes – Image: Epic Games


At the moment it is impossible to determine their effectiveness being too early in the game to make an accurate prediction. Although, the stones do have the potential to become something great. They provide the players with a new tool to be used while disengaging or sneaking around.

Vaulted Items

Patch v6.00 takes away a series of items.

Remote explosives are out. Epic constantly changed this set of ‘splodes trying to protect it, however it never really got to the healthy spot they were aiming for. As a result the remote explosives have a new home in the vault. Something that surprised some, but is welcomed by many.

Fortnite: Patch v6.00 Analysis
Bouncers – Image: Polygon

Bouncers are out, and probably the most beloved item to take a leave. Furthermore the ways they allowed players to disengage, and quickly rotate were unique to the game. Now they lay in the vault, while players pray for them to find their way into the game.



Light Machine Gun is out. As Epic looks to balance the game this gun was categorized as “spammy”. In a backlash from the previous SMG meta this gun takes the fall and gets put into the vault. The LMG was never particularly popular, however now it is gone.

Impulse Grenades are vaulted. Not really a surprise considering the very limited use they provided in the game.

Fortnite: Patch v6.00 Analysis
Suppressed Sub Machine Gun – Image: Twinfinite

Suppressed Submachine Gun is out. Nobody saw this coming. It is a vaulting that really can’t be explained. Epic must have been cleaning their clutter, and suddenly took a long and hard look at this gun. Then they took it deep into their vault.

This by itself brings a wave of change that hits the game on every level. Removing five items is a lot to take in for a meta game. Remote explosives had been an issue for a while, but now they are gone. The pace of the game has definitively changed, and a new level of novelty is added to the game.

Custom Controller Bindings

Fortnite: Patch v6.00 Analysis
A look at the new controller key bind customization – Image: Qviet

More and more controller players are making it in competitive environments. In this update Epic introduces custom controller bindings. This change allows players to find a sweet spot in their use of keybindings. A lot of players in the console community want more options and with this the issue is addressed.

Building editing with controller was a dominant issue before the patch, but with the addition of one tap editing this is addressed. On the previous patch the time to edit had been brought down, however it still lacked a bit of speed. Now this fixes the issue, and allows controller players to have a good way to edit.

Audio Changes

As promised Epic adapted audio to provide players with more of a real experience. Before, footsteps were really messy. Figuring out were the enemies were just by sound was an ordeal. However Epic provides more contrast between above and below footsteps to give the players a clear picture.

The sound changes also hit the gliders. Now the audio lets you know if enemies are flying past or trying to get a jump on the player.

Fortnite: Patch v6.00 Analysis
Audio Adjustments patch notes – Image: Epic Games


Patch v6.00 brought colossal changes with it. New locations appeared, and many changes were implemented. The direction Epic is guiding Fortnite is intriguing. At times their changes ooze confidence. This patch feels like one of those actions that establishes them as a top notch developer. However, the way the metagame moves can only be predicted with time, and a lot more Fortnite action.

Featured image provided by PCGamesN

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