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Fortnite: Patch 6.30 New Items and Limited Time Modes

Patch 6.30 is live, with the removal of the re-deploy mechanic and a new trap, the Mounted Turret. The new Mounted Turret can ruin any players’ day being on the receiving end. Unlimited ammo with a over heating mechanic and can be found virtually anywhere; it is safe to say the Mounted Turret will be a hot topic within the Fortnite casual and competitive communities during patch 6.30. This patch has also taken away Glider Redeploy from the default game modes (Solo, Duo and Squads) while increasing the spawn rate of Quadcrashers. There are two new Game Modes released, Food Fight and Scavenger Pop-up Cup. Build Defenses and protect your team’s mascot while destroying your opponents in Food Fight, or test game play adjustments that the competitive scene has been asking for in the Scavenger Pop-up Cup.

Mounted Turrets

Near the Mounted Turret in Fortnite // In-game capture by. cosinejoe

Found virtually anywhere at any point of the game this trap is way too good to pass up. Incredible range, damage and versatility, it would be a disservice if you don’t pick this up in your matches. The trap is Early, Mid and Late game viable, with its draw back of being stationary. In a one versus one situation this is practically an instant win item, whereas in chaos with more than one player focusing you it is not the safest play. Here are the stats for the new trap:

  • Mounted Turret added (Legendary Trap)
    • Found in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Vending Machines, and Supply Llamas
    • Unlimited Ammo, but will overheat if fired too often.
    • Can only be placed on floors.
    • Damage the Mounted Turret by shooting it directly or by destroying structural support.
      • The floor piece it is placed on is invulnerable.
    • Once placed, can be used by any player regardless of team affiliation.

Changes in Mobility

Growler Diving in Fortnite // In-game capture by cosinejoe

This patch is troublesome for those who were in favor of the Glider Re-Deploy. Now gone in default game modes, most players have to readjust themselves accordingly. Players now cannot make dive plays anymore nor escape without the use of a utility item such as Shockwaves or Grapplers. Epic has also increased the spawn rate for Quadcrashers. Much louder and less subtle than gliding everywhere, Quadcrashers do appeal to the recklessly aggressive players who want to find the action while destroying everything in their path. The changes have left the Balloon item in a peculiar spot. Players are unable to re-deploy anymore so why use the item? To prevent fall damage. Players can still use Balloons to slow their decent to not take fatal damage from falling. However does this justify the use of an item slot for such a specific situation? That is a call for each individual players’ own unique play style.

  • Quadcrashers spawn rate has been increased to 100% from 50%
  • We are disabling Glider Re-Deploy in all default modes starting in v6.30.
    • It will remain in the larger team modes (e.g. Soaring 50s, Disco Domination etc.) and Playground to allow ongoing experimentation with this feature.
  • Glider Redeploy will now only activate the Glider.
    • Skydiving will no longer be available when using Glider Redeploy.
      • The Skydiving state will still be activated when jumping from the Battle Bus, using Launch Pads, or any type of Rifts.
      • If Skydiving from Launch Pads or Rifts, the forced Glider deploy height has been raised from 15.5 meters to 35 meters.


Ruckus sets a trap in Fortnite // In-game capture by.cosinejoe

The limited time modes released for 6.30 are Food Fight and Scavenger Pop-up Cup. Players in Food Fight are in a two fort style match where each team has to destroy the enemy mascot.

The most notable mode released is Scavenger Pop-up. Epic games has implied that this game mode will be used as a test server. Implementing requests that the competitive community has been requesting for a long time. Lower max materials, increased harvesting rate and most importantly kill incentive. The description of each game mode can be found in the link above.

Patch 6.30 flips the flow of a match on its head. Making early game chaotic with the mounted turret while late game has reverted to a chess match waiting and calculating every possible outcome. In short:

  • Mounted Turret Trap is viable for any point in the game
  • Glider Re-Deploy mechanic vaulted for default game modes (Solo,Duo, Squads)
  • Scavenger Pop-up Cup geared towards the competitive scene.

Featured image courtesy of @Cosinejoe.

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