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Fortnite: Patch 6.22 Changes and Additions

Patch 6.22 is out with a new gun and changes to balloon drops. The new Heavy Assault Rifle is a must for players if they want to reach end game. The drop rates of Balloons have decreased to even out loot distribution for players. Two game modes have released, Team Terror and Blitz. Team Terror bringing back the Zombies before the Kevin the Cube event took them away. Blitz is an old favorite for the hardcore Fortnite fan, where the storm doesn’t stop moving making matches last 15 minutes as apposed to 30 minutes in solos.

Heavy AR

Heavy AR // Image courtesy of Epic Games

A must for late game, great body damage and rewards ADS (aim down sights) shooting rather than hip fire. Overall, the new weapon is great when getting the drop on someone for that FSA (first shot accuracy) and third-party engagements.

Like all Assault Rifles in-game, they are very versatile for offensive and defensive plays. Heavy Assault Rifle excels starting off initial engagements and long range plays. Taking shots from a distance that would render a shotgun and sub-machine guns virtually useless is the ideal scenario for those fortunate enough to wield this gun.

Going on the offensive with the Heavy AR is less than ideal but better than nothing. There are still better options to be aggressive with for close quarter combat. Players can instantly deal 44+ damage to any opponent via body damage. Going into a build fight where shotguns and sub-machine guns reign supreme will more than likely send you back to the lobby. Heavy AR is a huge play maker for duo/squad mode, and in solos. Here are the following stats so far:

  • Can be found in floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops
  • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary Variants
  • Deals 44 / 46 / 48 damage (body damage)
  • 3.75 Fire Rate
  • Has a magazine size of 25

Drop Rates

Balloons in Fortnite // Image courtesy of

Balloon spawn rate has decreased tremendously. A much-needed change that is good for the game. Amazing rotations and going for the Faze Tfue classic Swonton Bomb (Dropping in someones fort and instantly killing them via shotgun). Balloons do appeal to a particular play style and not every player would use it. Balloons do attract players who rotate heavily and leach another players build to take easy high ground. To some using a balloon would make the user feel vulnerable with no means of a safe reaction to being shot at besides gliding away.

One half of the community would feel this change while others would just overlook it. Mobility players who use various means to traverse the map won’t be effected to much. The Mobility Meta is still strong even with this change. Here are the changes for the balloon drop rates:

  • Spawn rate of Balloons were reduced from 12.2% to 2.3%.

Limited Time Modes

Fortnites Team Terror // Image courtesy of

Blitz is back in full swing. A much faster pace than normal solo matches and changes in loot drops and storm movement. Epic games has also released a new game mode that involves the zombies. Reminiscent of LTM: 50v50, teams of 32 are forced to fight each other while fending off a zombie horde. Description and changes can be found in patch 6.22.


Patch 6.22 does not hinder the the flow of a match nor to  a particular playstyle. Heavy AR along with Balloon drop rate change is a nice little addition to keep fans, casual and try-hards happy. In closing:

  • A new weapon to shake things up and increase tactful aggressive engagements.
  • Decrease in spawn rate of the mobility item Balloons.
  • Two Limited Time Modes Blitz and Team Terror.


Featured image courtesy of @Cosinejoe.

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