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Fortnite: Ninjas in Pyjamas bring in a Fortnite team

The well known European esports organization, Ninjas in Pyjamas have thrown their hat into the ring of Fortnite by signing a four-man team.

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite you might be living under a rock. The Battle Royale game from Epic has swept the world. From grade schools to professional athletes this game is fun to play and highly competitive. With the recent announcement of $100 million going into the prize pool for tournaments the esports landscape for the game has skyrocketed.

NiP has signed Anastasios “Yung” Timpanidis, Dean “Cringe” Lawrence, Patrik “Xited” Heiberg, and Max “Goofy” Rosenlind. This team consists off two former top tier duos teams in Cringe with Yung and Goofy with Xited.

“The grind never stops and now we’ve joined the greatest family imaginable. NiP inspire us to be who we are, we’re so excited to prove our strength. Time to become as legendary as the family we’re now a part of #GONINJAS!” -Cringe

NiP does have a reputation in the world of esports, not just for their name, but for the plethora of esports they have been involved in. They are one of the first major organizations to sign an official roster and not just a stream team or single player.

Hicham Chahine, CEO of NiP stated, “We have been on the sideline observing the phenomenon of Fortnite, eager to enter the scene. As it is still early days, we have been doing some work in understanding the scene and how to get involved the best way possible. The signing of four talented european players and helping them grow, is our first step in what is hopefully going to be a fun endeavour!”

With the explosion in popularity in Fortnite it is not a huge surprise that orgs are getting involved. The prize money is very enticing as it is the most in esports currently. Also the game is extraordinarily popular so getting a team should be an easy decision.

This is not NiP’s first Battle Royale team as they also signed a PUBG squad back at the end of 2017. PUBG who is the biggest competitor to Fortnite is having their first international tournament in Berlin currently.

Fortnite will continue to grow and over the next year or so it wont be surprising to see more well known organizations jumping into the scene. If Epic can continue to advance their game and understand what their audience wants it will be in prime position to be one of the major esports. Expect a new league to form as well as more top tier teams emerge.

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