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Fortnite: Mobility in Season 7

Fortnite: Mobility in Season 7

Mobility around the Fortnite Island is always a top priority. Getting a great rotation is one of the main keys to achieving victory. An unlucky battle can potentially doom players that are too far away from the circle. So having the tools to rotate is a must. Quadcrashers are all over the map, however traveling on them is very risky. Now that shadow stones reside in the vault, players must use what is supplied in season 7.

Epic Games has tried adding a significant amount of different mechanics to increase overall mobility. Last season the famous glider redeploy split the player base. Some loved it because it enhanced the speed they could rotate around the map, and others hated it because of how it allowed enemies to easily third party or to exit build battle with little to no consequences.

In season 7 Epic Games made a lot of significant changes that change the mobility aspect of the game. The vaulting of several mobility items was very shocking. On paper it sounds detrimental for the game, but as they vaulted the items some new additions shook everything up.

The X4 Wing Plane

Fortnite: Mobility in Season 7
The X4 Wing Plane – Image: Eurogamer

Planes are the new way that up to four players can soar through the island. The significance of this is huge, as planes provide players with faster options for rotations. It comes with a mounted machine gun that allows for it to defend itself, and enough space to pack in some friends.

A new epic possibility are dogfights. Due to the addition of armed aerial vehicles these will definitively become a reality. This brings a whole new layer to Fortnite as aerial battles will be happening on the island. It is just crazy where Fortnite has gone in over a year. Now the pros will bless us with great highlights that will be incomparable to what we had before.

Now a plane can be the answer for any squad that needs to rotate into the circle.

Zip Lines

Season 7 also brought a brand new welcomed feature, the zip lines. These have spawned all over the map. Adding a whole new layer to the game.

Fortnite: Mobility in Season 7
The brand new zip line – Image: Meinmmo

Players must learn the locations of all zip lines, and how to use them to rotate. Because if a wrong path is taken, the use of the zip line might set the player back. Because of this, map knowledge gets a whole new level of depth.

Through the seasons many mobility items make the vault their home. However, zip lines might be the answer Epic Games is looking for. The level of consistency they provide allows players to move through the map without throwing off the balance of the game. 

What does this mean?

Season 7 has just begun. These two different introductions are looking to establish a metagame that solidifies the way players move around the island.

Professional players will find a way to take both of them to their limit. Hopefully, showing new ways to optimally rotate. Patch v7.00 just dropped, and there are still many things to discover. As the season begins and the cool breeze hits the island, novelty will strike.

Patch notes:

Click here to see the patch notes

Featured image provided by Fortnite Intel

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