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Fortnite locals: Landon “AuroraEX” Runyon

Never tell Landon “AuroraEX” Runyon the odds. This Fortnite player from Las Vegas, Nevada has been frequently winning Fortnite Frag Fridays at the Las Vegas Esports Arena. AuroraEX showcases excellent situational awareness and shows he can hold his own against top players.

Being carried, Aurora celebrates his first place victory // Esports Arena Las Vegas

With an aggressive play style, Aurora never lets go of the ‘W’ key. Out gunned and out built he never quits. Not only is he good with shooting, but he is also very skilled at building. At Frag Fridays he loses high ground pretty often, but he always comes out on top by out maneuvering and out thinking his opponents.

About Aurora

Aurora is 15 years old and couldn’t participate in this years summer skirmish due to age requirements being 16.  Luckily for him he will be able to compete the second time around and hopes to fight the top names in the scene. Aurora displays not only good aim but all the little things that pros do as well; things such as material management, reaction building, taking control and setting the tempo of how fights play out and familiarizing himself with each location to ensure every loot chest is opened.

I mainly learned from Ninja and myth because both players had theIR own attributes. Ninja had really good aim and made really good plays, and then myth at the time was the best builder in my opinion. -Aurora

Why Should you look out for Aurora?

What makes Aurora stand out is his consistency and his improvisational skills while under fire. Excellent aim, creative uses for traps and bounce pads, he is a force to be reckoned with. Esports Arena seems to be the place to go if you want to find top contenders. You can follow his Twitch channel and his Twitter.

Featured image courtesy of Esports Arena Vegas

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