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Fortnite: Let’s talk about build fighting behaviors

Building in Fortnite is easy to do but difficult to master. Throw in editing and the skill gap has increased tremendously. Building at the first drop is practically nonexistent, but thanks to instant build items first drops have become chaotic to say the least. As for mid-game it’s up to the player to decide to play high-ground or low-ground. For endgame it can be completely quiet and boring with players camping in their tower or creating a labyrinth of boxes on the ground. So why are we playing this way throughout each match? In this article I wish to start a discussion about the mechanical and psychological aspect to the building in Fortnite.

Losing high Ground // In game capture by Cosinejoe

Mechanically speaking

First let’s talk about building mechanics. The skill gap for building is increasing everyday with players playing matches on Fortnite Pro League, practicing drills in playgrounds to find new strategies and just grinding out games with the intent to practice a particular build move. The Building aspect is Fortnite’s greatest strength but a weakness as well. Summer Skirmish had great highlights that showcased near end game build fights, out plays and meta defining moments. Summer skirmish showed that the fans love offensive game play. With great offensive strategies come great defensive ones too. Regardless of play style it is important to understand how to build fight.

Fortnite Rust Lord shooting down a build // In game capture by CosineJoe

There are a plethora of muscle memory drills to practice in playgrounds out there. Everyday players are training themselves to learn and discover new techniques for build fights. Regardless of if you play high ground or low ground, Epic games has given us the tools to refine our own play style in Fortnite. It is up to us to practice, after all, Practice makes Perfect. Unfortunately we are all human and make mistakes now and then, pros included. There is still a human factor to take into account when playing. A Player can build to gain high ground with no problem or disappear in a sea of boxes on the ground but can still fall victim to poor split second decisions that cost them the game.

Common behaviors in build fights

Most build fights are weighed by what the player’s perception of a threat is, will I walk away from this and does the goal justify the means to get there. Simple as that may be, players still fall victim to panic building, over building and underestimating the situation.

Panic building // In game capture by Cosinejoe

Panic Building is when a player places walls and ramps in a fight without understanding the situation. This is more prevalent to players who don’t have a firm understanding of the essential techniques. If you find yourself being a panic builder, one way to combat this is practice; watch others and take losses as learning lessons.

Over building is when players who do know how to build fight build unnecessary extra walls, stairs etc. Realizing that blowing 300 wood and brick on one player before the first circle is excessive. Even if you do get the kill on them you are now down materials and will have to harvest all over again. When the next random engagement happens, you might be at a resource disadvantage. A way to combat this is knowing when to reset the situation. Sometimes it is best to just box yourself in to heal and wait for movement.

Shining some light on things such as player behavior will benefit the community in the long run. Understanding how they will think and act can be that defining factor of you winning that match. Think beyond “W+M1”. Keep practicing and prioritizing building in game and you will see improvement. Also make sure to check out the high level streamers as they play in the Fall Skirmish, and take notes.


Featured image courtesy of  @Cosinejoe captured via Replay function in Fortnite

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