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Fortnite: Keys to Each Arena Division

Keys to Each Arena Division
Keys to Each Arena Division
Arena Bracket // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

With the release of Arena, players are in a race to the top. Battling through divisions in order to be the best, players of all skill levels are taking part. With three divisions to progress through, the skill-based competitive playlist consists of players of all levels trying to get hype points. The higher the division the player is in, the harder the competition is and the harder it is to get points. There are keys to each Arena division and different playstyles depending on the number of points the player has.

Open League

In the open league, players are just being introduced to the competitive side of Fortnite. With three divisions to rank up in, all players really have to do is play the game. With no bus fare or any point deduction, it’s just a grind to get to contender league.

Playing in the open league is like normal games. Nobody really plays a scrim style end game and players are just hunting for kills. It is important to get as many kills as possible and to get wins early in this mode so players can experience a more slow and competitive game pace. Boxing up and hiding all game does not really apply in open league, however, players should do what they can to win.

Keys to Each Arena Division
Luxe pushing an enemy early game // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Pushing fights is a good idea because open divisions are usually more casual players. The skill in the open league is not very high. For anyone struggling to get out of open league, just get into the habit of playing for points. Find what point strategy benefits you more and perfect it. If a player knows they are a fighter, then play aggressively to get out of open league and play better competition. For others who are good at winning and placing, use it. Grab a baller after finding some guns and farming and go for placement. This is prime time to perfect a landing spot and to figure out what landing spot benefits the player the most.

Contender League

Contender League is broken up into division four, five and six. All of these divisions play differently, so it is important to know the difference so players can adjust. In division four, some people start trying to make late game. The number of people late game will go from the usual eight or nine to around 15. While this isn’t much, it is great for players new to scrims or need more practice. This is where techniques like wall replacements and rotating ahead of zone are great to perfect. It is also a great time to get into the habit of covering all sides in a box and working on not tunneling on one enemy. Shoot a few times and edit that wall back. Too much shooting at once causes attention, leaving that player vulnerable to enemy fire.

Division 5

Keys to Each Arena Division
Example of a 50/50 spray fight // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

In division five, players are a bit more skilled and are likely decent. This division is where players need to stop taking 50/50 gambles with plays. This includes things like spray battles, pump for pump tradeoff shots, and risky edits. Players need to make sure that they are playing it safe to not take damage, but not giving enemies time to think. Keeping the pressure on players will cause them to fold in this division, but late game may or may not be challenging. It is important to burn materials if the player is rotating without a ball so they do not take damage. Late game it is easy to use others builds and go for placement points, so stay alive by any means necessary.

Division 6

Keys to Each Arena Division
Luxe rotating to zone using a Baller // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Division six is where players need to take games more seriously and show up. Players in this division are out to get Ballers since placement points become more important. Lots of people will land on balls and roll to their spot rather than waiting since the balls will probably be gone. Kills are not as frequent since everyone is boxed up trying to stay alive, so placement is super important. All the player has to do is be consistent in order to get points. Win the landing spot, get max material, find shields and get a Baller. With this tactic, the player is pretty much guaranteed a top 25 spot and will likely not take damage until late game.

Keys to Each Arena Division
Example of burning materials while rotating // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

It is important to remember two things in this division. The first thing is to build everywhere, do not get shot. If an enemy shoots the player and hits them hard, it is not easy to escape. Enemies keep pressure on that person while others realize they are weak. It surrounds the player with people shooting at all angles, and it burns too many materials and shields. Saving that 100 wood is not worth it when the player now has 20 shields instead of 100.

The second thing is to make sure the player stays ahead of the storm. Unless a jump pad or a rift is at the ready, players need to move to zone immediately. This makes it so the player does not get pinned between enemy fire and the storm. Without a ball rotating is risky since some players will wait, so burn wood. Wood is easy to get back and isn’t useful late game anyway. Players can even rotate in intervals, just make sure the storm does not get close. When enemies pick up on it, the player will be shot from every player inside zone already.

Champion League

Keys to Each Arena Division
End game in champions divison // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Champions league is like no other. Mistakes and little misplays can be the reason a player dies, causing that bus fair to add up fast. With three in solos and four in duos, it is easy to dip below that line of 300 points. Players are the best of the best, so consistency and great decision making are very important. Players need to win their areas or go to unpopulated spots in order to make it out. Once out, players have to loot and stay in boxes the entire game. Being patient is key because it allows enemies to mess up while the player can take advantage.

If players are in a duos playlist, it is important to stay together. This ensures that one is not targeted over the other. Keeping close late game also helps put twice the firepower on enemies that may be separate or not as confident in rotations.

Champions league just comes down to doing it all right. Winning fights, rotating fast and playing at a pace where the player can kill people or run away depending on the situation. The keys here are just to work hard and play the game fast. Being slow with edits or building will kill in this division, so make sure to be on that A game 24/7.

Get out there and experience the climb in the Arena playlist. It is a great start to a ranked system that Fortnite has needed for a long time.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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