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Fortnite: Is the Special Worth It?

Is The Special Worth It in Fortnite

Lots of players question what to hold in competitive play. Aside from guns and heals, the special items are a big grey area in terms of effectiveness. Different player types play well with different things, so it is important to know what items contribute to different players’ strengths. The big question is, is the special worth it over health/shields? In Fortnite’s current meta, there are lots of items in the game, so choosing the most effective is hard. Knowing the strengths of each one will help influence that decision.


Is The Special Worth It in Fortnite
Whiplash sniping at an enemy // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

A Sniper is a great special weapon to have so long as the player has good aim. For anyone with good aim, a sniper makes for easy kills in mid game. As long as the player can get to zone fast and box up, peeking is rewarding. Not many players fight mid game, but a fight is easy to third party with a sniper. Watching enemies run up a stairway or try to break in a box is super easy to hit. Players rotating into zone are also at risk since a sniper hits hard from anywhere it is shot.

Is the sniper worth it? Early and mid game, the sniper is 100 percent worth it. Good aim is rewarded with easy kills and more kills mean more points. However, players must be careful of how long they sit in a window so they are not vulnerable. Unless the sniper is a heavy sniper, it should be dropped before late game since players will be too close. In close range engagements, heals will be far more important than a sniper since the player will be shot at more. A heavy sniper is acceptable because it becomes a battering ram for walls rather than a weapon.

Stink Bombs

Is The Special Worth It in Fortnite
Small stack of stink bombs someone left behind // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Stink bombs are an enemies worst nightmare if used properly. Ticking for 5 damage very fast, the only way to escape is to leave the box the enemy is currently in. That means the enemy will either choke on gas or burn materials they did not use beforehand. Stinks are especially deadly because they stack in sixes. That means if each stink does just under 20 damage, the enemy will die. Stink bombs are a weapon where the longer a player saves them, the more effective they are. Tossing them into a cluster of people late game is the best thing to do. However, most players like to kill enemies early on so that they can gather their mats, ammo, etc…

Are Stink bombs worth it? Stink bombs are worth it when players use them correctly. Throwing one at a time, tracking the player, and throwing another is worth it. If a player decides to throw all three or six at once, they are better off taking heals. Stink bombs are all about hitting a player over and over so they either die or burn materials. This makes them an easy target later in the game regardless if the player gets the kill or not.


Is The Special Worth It in Fortnite
Bandolette leaving clingers behind // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Clingers are deadly in large stacks. When a player throws a clinger, they are so dangerous because they stick. Sticking an enemy while they are rotating or the walls of a structure can change a fight. Breaking into someone’s build takes a lot of ammo, but explosives do it much quicker. Sticking an enemy wall and spraying as it blows up will give players a better chance of doing damage. Using clingers on the roof also allows them to fall into builds, dealing an easy 100 damage. Clingers are also great for pushing players certain ways in a fight. Throwing a clinger in a build forces them to run out a certain way. This puts the player with clingers in control of the fight, otherwise, the enemy stays put and dies.

Clingers are only worth it in bulk. With just one or two, they will not do much damage to a brick or metal box. Clingers in a stack of four or more will be much more impactful to a fight. If a player finds a stack and there are enemies nearby, just tossing them over isn’t a bad idea either. Enemies will not see them coming and maybe they will do a surprise 100 damage. If the player cannot find two stacks, leaving them behind and holding another item is the way to go.

Grenade Launcher

Team playing very aggressive with a grenade launcher // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The grenade launcher is a great item for mid game. The grenades bounce around a lot and can go a decent length, which makes them good at mid-range. Starting a fight off with a grenade launcher is great because it displaces the enemy. If placed well, grenade launcher shots almost always do damage on the player and fluster them. If the player pushes the enemy after firing off a clip, they will likely be hurt and panicked to not die. The grenade launcher is also great for getting people to move if the player wants to box up in that spot. Grenade launchers tend to frighten enemies into moving, which would give that player the part of the map they want.

The grenade launcher is worth it if the player can aim it. There are a few tricks to using it close range and to placing the shots. When the shots are placed right up next to someone’s wall, it is devastating. For a player who can aim it, the grenade launcher is a must have. It not only does damage to players and builds, but is super effective on both high and low ground. Shots travel far enough to break high ground down or to rain on everyone below. This weapon is definitely a must-have for a special weapon.


Gliders are a great tool for players who like to build high. If the player lives on the high ground and is always the one highest up, redeploy is a life saver. Many people trigger it by accident so they do not carry it even though it is useful. Not only do gliders help for falling off builds, but they’re also great for rotations and mobility. Gliding off a ramp is the next best thing to a jump pad and saves lots of time running. Being in the air does leave players vulnerable, but allows them to get great positioning.

In the late game, lots of players don’t even look in the air because they are so busy surviving. That is where high ground and redeploy really flourish. Redeploy is also a great tool for anyone who likes to bail off build fights. If the player is trying to save materials and cant waterfall down, those gliders are there to help. Waterfalling can take lots of materials if the player is high up, so saving as much as possible can help later on.

Bandolette using redeploy to escape a fight // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Redeploy is only worth it if it compliments the player using it. For players who slither through builds and do not contest height, it is useless. Having redeploy and playing low ground is a waste of a slot and holding it “just in case” doesn’t make sense. Being honest to the playstyle someone plays, only use redeploy if it makes sense. If redeploy is in a players inventory and they don’t go after height, just take heals.

Flink Knock

The flint knock pistol is a huge gamble. If that shot lands, the damage is 86/90 depending on rarity. The bloom is large but the shot is powerful. The reload time is very long and the knockback is underwhelming in some situations, but the weapon is not bad. Very underrated, the flint knock is great when it is used effectively. Tfue is very good with the pistol but hasn’t made it mainstream. If the player is a risk taker and likes a flashier style of play, this is the weapon for them. The knockback feature is useful, but not very practical. While it is useful for taking high ground and displacing from a fight, it doesn’t always work. The weapon requires a high level of skill to use, and the player needs to realize that.

For anyone up to the task, the flint knock pistol is worth it. With its powerful knockback and DPS, it makes for a good weapon. Reloading takes a while, but in skilled hands the weapon is deadly. Lots of players are afraid of the shot not hitting, but using it in a smart way displaces that fear.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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