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Fortnite: How to Excel in Competitive

How to Excel in Competitive Fortnite

Since the World Cup finals came out, Fortnite’s scoring system has changed. As such, it is important to adapt to the new system and adjust to the meta. Even though the scoring will be different in the World Cup, players will have to switch up styles to grab a qualifying spot. Since kills are so highly valued at a point each, kills are very important. The passive style play will not get players into World Cup which is why new styles are important.

Master A Spot

The key to mastering any spot is the landing. Players have to practice the landing from all angles in order to win drops. Lots of people underestimate the landing and think it is not that important. If a player is the first to land, that player has an advantage over everyone else at the spot. Learning what spot to drop on, what geysers to hit and so on will help make sure no enemy lands first.

How to Excel in Competitive Fortnite
Black knight pushing early game with a shotgun. // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The other part of the drop is knowing where chest and loot spawns are. Material count is typically stressed, but guns are equally as important. Learning where chest spawns are at a spot and how to get the most of them in a short amount of time is key. For example, the captains quarters at Lazy Lagoon has chests almost every level. This means farming strait down gives players tons of materials and good chances at chest spawns.

Mastering a spot also allows the player to know where the enemy will loot first since most players are very predictable. Knowing this information, these spots can be rushed if the player finds good loot fast. Shotguns and some machine guns are dangerous for enemies early game – it just comes down to execution.

Lookout For Kills

With the current point system for competitive Fortnite, kills are key. Up until World Cup, kills were capped at seven or nine and were not worth one point each. Now with kills being so valuable, players are changing up their playstyle and getting kills more frequently.

The best way to get kills is to stay ahead of zone and be observant. Being in a box in zone is a huge advantage because enemies will have to rotate in towards the player. This allows for easy shots and kills on anyone coming in. Players who are established in zone also know how many enemies are established near them. Figuring out how many people are on any side and how close they are is super important.

If a player knows there is an enemy to his left and zone is going right, it is an easy kill. Most players move the same through builds so catching them off guard is easy.

Players who are rotating to zone need to be on the lookout for where the best spot to take is. Just because a player is late to zone does not mean they should settle for any spot. Work to take the spot that has the most benefits and overlooks the circle. This allows for quick editing on enemies and the ability to target anyone on the map regardless of where they are.

Kills are very underrated and some players have not adapted to the new point system. Adapting needs to happen fast since all the higher level players are hunting for that next kill. Pro player Megga had 18 kills, in one game, in the finals this past weekend. He put on a show and reminded everyone how huge kills are in the current point system.

Be Unpredictable

Playing like everyone else is a great way to get killed. Predictability is something a lot of players struggle with and is hard to break. Editing windows and half walls are easy to spot and very easy to counter. Players who are ready for the edit just watch and wait ready to shoot. To avoid this, players need to get creative with the way they approach situations.

Outside The One by One
How to Excel in Competitive Fortnite
Yuletide Ranger editing a vertical half wall // In-Game Capture by Nicholas Rivera

When someone is in a one by one, the player has a few options. If the player is outside the one by one and gets a wall, obviously the enemy inside knows the edit is coming. Instead of opening up the wall with a window, players should try a fake window.

The implementation of a fake window will make the enemy panic and shoot the wall, allowing the player to get a free pump shot on the enemy. This needs to happen right away before they can place a wall, that way the player’s shot lands. The reason this works so well is that the player will not be ready for the wall to break and will panic. The pump will also be on cooldown, which makes it easy for the player to get that free pump.

Players can also edit the first layer of the top wall right off. This makes a vertical half wall and gives the player less of a chance to find you after making the edit. The player can also jump when confirming the edit, that way the enemy inside has to track the player to do damage. This makes it very hard on the player inside to hit the shot, even if they see it coming. It also puts the player at an advantage since they will know where the enemy inside is hiding.

Inside The One by One

If the player is inside the one by one with the enemy, a new stair edit can help win that fight easy. Most players will edit half of the stair and drop down right onto the enemy in the box. While it is effective, it is easy to spot and allows the enemy to also get shots in. This makes the player take unnecessary damage and puts them at risk.

To counter that, pro player Martoz does a little bit of a fancy edit. In this video here, Martoz can be seen editing the ramp into a spiral staircase like structure. This confuses the enemy, and when they try to get to the bottom of the ramp, a quick reset drops the player right behind them. The video shows how, if perfectly executed, this strategy is superior since it disorients the enemy. It will also keep the player very safe as long as that first pump shot hits the enemy. This works the best because it will drop the player right behind the enemy and they will have no idea. It just makes for a clean and easy kill with little risk to the person editing.

Be Confident

How to Excel in Competitive Fortnite
Yuletide Ranger pushing an enemy while teammate covers from outside // In-Game Capture by Nicholas Rivera

Above all, confidence is the most important thing when playing Fortnite. When a player is in a fight, knowing what is going to happen next and being prepared is important. If the player decides to push an enemy, be ready for whatever happens. Playing at the pace that is most comfortable and familiar is the best way to stay confident.

Second guessing in fights and while rotating is what gets players killed. Lots of players who are trying to learn competitive second guess decisions, and it ruins their gameplay. Getting too much inside of their heads, new players and players under pressure often underperform. Making decisions and following through regardless if it was good or bad is how players excel. If it is a good decision – great, that player will grow because of it. If it is a bad decision or the rotation spot was not good – players will learn from it. Learning and growing from bad decisions is part of the process. If players make a mistake, make that mistake and assess afterwards. Stay confident.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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