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Fortnite: Fighting Multiple People Simultaneously

Fortnite: Fighting Multiple People Simultaneously

The battlefield inside a Battle Royale is chaotic and dangerous for everyone. Surrounded by players, firefights everywhere and nowhere to run and hide. This isn’t too intimidating in solos since players run into each other one person at a time. Duos and squads are more intense due to teams surrounding others, swarming players with bullets. In situations where the whole squad dies, it can leave the last player remaining with an extreme challenge. Fighting an enemy team alone is hard no doubt, but there are a few things players can do to increase their chances of winning.

Hit Some Shots

The main point to focus on when fighting another team is hitting shots. Putting shots down on the opposing team, especially from long range, can drain shields and weaken them early. When a player is left alone, it is important to play smart and not to rush into anything. Simply draining the opponent from range is enough. All of those landed shots from range help, even if they only hit for 20.

Fortnite: Fighting Multiple People Simultaneously
Lynx finishing one opponent as the other runs toward her // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

A lot of the time the player left alone is rushed by the enemy team, which already leaves them at a disadvantage. In this case, the player alone must get a few shots in whenever possible. It is normal for one enemy to lay down fire while the others rush, creating a moment of panic for the player. Staying calm and firing shots downrange will make the enemy stop shooting for a few seconds, allowing you to hit the one closer to you. Once you down the first player, it is important to confirm the kill so they cannot be revived later in the fight. This will also replace any lost material and ammo, leaving you in better shape for the next enemy who runs your way.


Fortnite: Fighting Multiple People Simultaneously
Lynx separating two opponents creating 1v1’s // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Another essential part of beating a squad alone is separation. Separating the enemies is important so that when you put some shots into one, the others do not hit you. This creates multiple 1v1’s allowing the player to easily kill each one individually. Separating yourself from the enemy is done primarily by building. Engaging in a build war with multiple people at once is hard, but not impossible. Tracking and trapping your opponent is what will help the most during these fights, as well as coning.

Coning your enemy and quickly editing the cone will allow an easy head shot and will leave one less person to keep track of. When the opposite team knows how to build, more editing and scrim type moves will be needed, since just building will not work. Editing windows will allow you to sneak shots in without taking damage while the walls around you provide cover. If the enemy replaces a wall, simply edit the floor and start again.

Don’t get Caught up Building

Being aware of everyone in the build is good, but it is important to not get caught up in the fight. When having a build off, especially in late game, it is important to know when you are too high. Building too high leaves all players susceptible to fall damage if the build is destroyed. To avoid this, simply shoot the enemy’s build down from over you or drop down to the bottom. Being too preoccupied with building also stops players from landing shots since they always have their build menu out. Keeping high ground is important, but landing shots when the opponent messes up is key to winning a fight. If an enemy misses a few walls, a quick shotgun shot can do some real damage, even if it means losing high ground for that moment.

One trick if the player does have high ground is jumping, shooting down on the enemy, and placing a floor quickly. This allows the player to get the shot off while maintaining high ground. Editing down or building up are great follow-ups to this action.

Know When to Reset

Fortnite: Fighting Multiple People Simultaneously
Lynx drinking shields mid-fight // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Knowing when to engage and when to back off is also a huge key. If an enemy hits a good shot, it can be a gamble to keep fighting. Getting out built, hit with a quick edit, or shot down are all things that will end a player fast. To avoid this, editing down a few layers of the build and healing will increase the player’s chance of surviving greatly. Even if the player only has a mini or two, a little health is better than nothing.

Material count is also huge in these fights since the player is always outnumbered. Quickly running out of material is never fun and can easily be avoided. Dropping to the bottom of the build or sitting in a friendly 1×1 will help save on mats since the enemies will have to come to you. Another option to get away and reset a fight is a jump pad. Jumping away and rebuilding puts the player on offense since the team now has to chase after them. This gives the player a huge opening to either heal or do damage to everyone while they glide down.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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