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Fortnite: Endgame Hero Breakdown

Endgame Hero Breakdown

In the newest Fortnite mode, players are in an all-out Hero vs. Villain battle. Playing as the heroes, there are four different special weapons to choose from. Jumping out of the bus a player is given a map to a chest with a special weapon inside. If the player does not like their weapon, they can open chests to try for different ones. Each weapon has its own playstyle, so it is important to know how each one plays. In this Endgame hero breakdown, lots of those playstyles are outlined.

Captain’s Shield

Endgame Hero Breakdown
Soccer skin about to throw the shield // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Holding Captain America’s shield gives the player advanced movement and not much else. With the ability to jump higher and run faster, this player is all over. As far as the shield goes, there is only a block and throw function. Lots of players do not use the block function and blindly throw it everywhere. Using the block until the enemy has to reload makes getting kills very easy. The shield has a targeting feature that allows it to target enemies if the player is close. It is not overpowering, but definitely helpful.

The player holding the shield should be right next to Iron Man during the fights. Shield players are more aggressive and have an easier time with up-close battles. Since the shield comes back after it hits an enemy, close range means more throws. The shield is also great for defending teammates against Thanos. While Thanos uses his laser, the player with the shield can stand in front of him, shielding his squad and team. This lets everyone attack Thanos unharmed and kill him much quicker.

Iron Man Repulsors

Endgame Hero Breakdown
Lynx using the repulsors // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Iron Man’s repulsors are arguably the best weapon of the four. Another offensive weapon, the repulsors have a lock on feature when close to enemies. This makes them a very offensive and in your face kind of weapon since the player won’t miss up close. The repulsors also have a high jump feature that allows the player to hover in the air. This is the ideal spot to shoot from because most enemies do not look up at first, they look around. Having that height advantage also makes the player very hard to hit and unpredictable.

The ideal playstyle for the repulsors is to just stay moving and keep shooting. Enemies will have a hard time shooting the player alone due to the lock on feature. The repulsors also pair really well with the bow if a player can find one. Boosting high and switching to the bow allows easy damage on players who are far or close on the ground. It also allows the player to do damage from far and up close for any engagements they come into.

Thor’s Hammer

Plague ground pounding with Thor’s hammer // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Thor’s hammer has an infinity blade feel to it. The hammer is very strong when swinging at an enemy, but it is hard to get close. The hammer allows the player to boost forward in the air like the infinity blade and can be thrown. The hammer travels a long way so it takes a while to come back, so it is better to just swing it. Using the in air boosting mechanic, the player with the hammer can get into peoples’ faces fast. The jetpacks on the Chitauri make it hard to kill them, so that first swing has to hit. If the player cannot get the hit in time, they will have to throw the hammer and boost away.

Thor’s hammer is a great tool to defend the stones with. Since the enemies have to sit there waiting for the time to tick grabbing the stone, they are vulnerable. They also cannot move, which makes it perfect for the player to just swing the hammer all around. Farming is also super easy since the hammer is so strong. That makes it easy to stay protected while guarding the stones.

Hawkeye’s Bow

Banana reloading after a shot towards an enemy // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Hawkeye’s Bow is great for long to mid-range combat and it’s very strong. Dealing 200-215 damage a hit, this bow will make short work of any enemy hit. The pullback time on the bow is very quick as well, allowing the player to get rapid shots. The bow also has a grappling feature that allows the player to grapple all around an area. Using the grappler and the normal bow effectively makes the player a menace on the map. Being that mobile makes it hard to hit the player and if they have good aim, enemies are in trouble. The grapple mechanic is a little off and it does not grapple to trees or mountains well, but it is still a great item to use in battle.

Players with the bow can play passive or aggressive depending on confidence. If the player does not have good aim or likes a slower pace, then passive is the move. It allows the player to take minimal damage and put damage on enemies. Players who have better aim and like a more in your face style, the bow can be used for that too. Grappling to shooting is a great combo and lots of players don’t see it coming.


Chitauri shooting at a hero // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The Chitauri are the villains of the game and they serve Thanos to gather the stones for the gauntlet. They are also equipped with a laser gun, a laser grenade blaster and a jetpack. With just 100 lives, they try to gather all of the stones in order to win the game. The Chitauri have a pure offensive loadout and have to fight against all these powerful heroes. Alone with a hero isn’t fun, but in numbers, the Chitauri are very offensive. Doing 75 damage per shot, they can kill a hero very quickly with two or three shoots at once.

The key to all of the success as this character is the jetpack. The jetpack allows them to fly all around the map and make quick work of the heroes. Most of the heroes have some kind of targeting, so it is better to fight them from mid-range. The jetpack makes movement very unpredictable, so players should spend lots of time in the air. The grenade blaster is a great weapon to use while in the air because it has a good chance to hit the enemy.


Victory Royale screen for Endgame // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Thanos is the ultimate character in this game mode. Spawning in each game, a random person from the Chitauri is selected to be Thanos. With so much health and shield. Thanos easily overpowers anyone in the game. That being said, Thanos is also very slow. With devastating one punch kills and jump smashes, Thanos is hard to kill in the hands of a good player. Using lasers Thanos can also attack from a distance, but they are not as strong as the punches.

Players who use Thanos should make sure they are always moving and up close to the heroes. The punching ability is his best feature, so up close is the most effective. Singling out solo heroes will help as well because they are much weaker alone, and easier to keep track of. Thanos is definitely an offensive villain and should be used to protect the Chitauri while they collect the stones. Doing so will power the whole team up and lead them to victory.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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