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Fortnite: Dealing With Different Player Types

Dealing with different player types in fortnite

In a game of Fortnite, players run into all different kinds of play styles. Each player has a unique way of playing and with it, a unique way of being beaten. Dealing with different player types will help to understand how to defeat a lot of these common playstyles. Nearly every player can fit into a category, so learning their weaknesses is key to becoming a better player.

The Architect

Dealing with different player types in fortnite
Default jumping off high ground to shotgun an enemy // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The architect is a player who just builds. One shot, and they build very high and they do not care whether their opponent builds or not. Fighting this opponent is very easy and often results in vertical fights if the player tries to contest. If the enemy builds over you, just knock them down. The player is most likely still cranking 90’s and will continue to build instead of locating the player. If they do not build too high, dropping down and knocking the structure down will often leave them falling to their death.

If knocking the build down is not an option, the player can always box up and play low ground. Saving materials will give the player a better chance at late game and other fights. The builder will not have as many materials when later in the game, having used them too early. Overbuilders usually cannot hit shots and that’s why they build so much, so fearing them is a good precaution, but often unnecessary.

The L2 Spammer

Dealing with different player types in fortnite
Ember lasering a onesie out of the air // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The L2 spammer is the console player who just does not miss. Long range and in the air, these players are a problem. Running or jump padding away will likely cause the enemy to laser the player out of the air. A long range fight will allow them the continue to lock on to the player  and likely cause serious damage. The best option is to let the L2 spammer get close to you and hit your shots. Controller players have a hard time with certain shots, so take advantage. Making the player jump or rapidly switch directions makes it very hard for them to hit shots. When the player takes out the ability for their enemy to use aim assist, it is a huge advantage.

If the player doesn’t engage and they sit back and continue spamming, it is best to box up. Boxing up in two or three boxes won’t let the enemy know where the player is. Not peeking through windows will also prevent them from hitting any more shots and force them to leave the player alone or engage closely. Both of these options are better since the L2 spam can be a little bit overwhelming.

Low Ground Warrior

Dealing with different player types in fortnite
Ember boxing up with enemies over her // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The low ground warrior is the player who likes to let everyone else build while they stay down low. This player usually likes to chop down builds and spray players down. If the player is good, they will box up and wait for the enemy to come down. The tactic against this player is a little different and requires a bit of thinking. Normally, when an enemy player boxes up, it means that they are confident in that box. Edits and tactics will be tightly crafted, so players must think twice.

There are plenty of options to kill the low ground warrior. Replacing walls or the roof is effective, but this strategy is useless if ping is an issue. If the enemy isn’t shooting or moving, then they don’t need too much attention. If the enemy is still a threat, players can use the roof trick where two walls are placed on either side of the roof. Then the player can farm down and fall into the enemy’s box. This is dangerous, but effective and will work if the player hits that shot.

The Lunatic

Dealing with different player types in fortnite
Bandolette outbuilding multiple people // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The Lunatic is someone who is thirsty for kills and pushes everyone. This player is the hardest to deal with because they do not care about anything but the kill. Storm, winning, and staying alive are not on the enemy’s mind. With this type of enemy, the player has two options: quickly pushing back and ending the enemy allows the player to loot them and continue to rotate without spending time and material on the fight. While easier said than done, attempting to outplay an enemy should not take long anyway, otherwise third partying is almost guaranteed. Getting high ground and doing some quick edits usually confuses and disorients players, great for this type of enemy.

The other option is to just leave. Taking a jump pad, rift, zip line or a vehicle and just getting away from them. This may seem stupid since the lunatic is often reckless and easy to kill, but it saves resources. One good pump shot from the enemy and the player has to use all their heals to stay alive. that leaves no healing for late game when it is essential. Running allows players to save resources and get to zone and be safe. If the lunatic decides to follow, at least the fight will be in safe zone and allow them to get shot from others as well.

The Explosives Guy

Dealing with different player types in fortnite
Onesie grenade launching enemy in a one by one // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The Explosives guy is one of the easiest people to counter. When enemies use things like rockets, grenade launchers, or RPGs, just run at them. In a public game scenario, running at the person with explosives makes them stop using them. Nobody wants to get caught blowing themselves up, so the shotguns and ARs come out once the player gets close. If the enemy does continue to use explosives, they will likely kill themselves or ruin their shield with them. The most common play is placing a wall in front of someone with an RPG, causing them to injure themselves badly. Clingers and grenades often knock the build down, bringing all the players with it. No good enemy will do this if a player is very close to them.

In a scrim or pop-up cup scenario, rushing is ideal, but probably not the best option. Killing the enemy quick will help to not get shot by everyone else, but it is a risk. A player getting hit by an RPG or clingers should just exit the build immediately. Rotate to another spot, otherwise the rocket/clinger spam will hurt shield and material count. Sitting in a build and trying to rebuild is not only inefficient, but it does not work. Clingers will fall right in and get the player killed, so moving is the best bet here.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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