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Fortnite: Countering Popular Attack Techniques

countering popular attack techniques in Fortnite

Every fight in Fortnite is different. Fortnite is a game where scenarios are based off a variety of things from game to game. In every engagement, players deal with a lot of the same things in terms of how the enemy will attack. Learning and countering popular attack techniques in Fortnite will help the player win more fights and play better when attacked. There are always variations, but Fortnite players generally act the same when they fight.


countering popular attack techniques in Fortnite
Skully pushing someone after they fired a rocket // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

It is crazy just how many people like to spam explosives. While it is less prevalent since the RPG changes, it still happens. Everyone has experienced it at one point or another, and it really stinks. Enemies throwing clingers and spamming a grenade launcher at a player while they struggle to rebuild. Rebuilding is key, but not the only answer. When players get spammed by explosives, panic sets in. Players try to build in a one by one and the explosives win every time.

The key to escaping an explosives spam is to build and move. The most efficient way is to build one by ones with a roof in a straight line going away from the opponent. The player should also edit the walls closed behind them to avoid any explosives from sneaking in. This strategy works best because spam building leaves way too many gaps. Players who try and conserve materials too much get shot while running away. While the one by one technique burns materials, it will keep the player alive. Grenades from launchers always sneak in while turbo building and clingers follow gravity. If a player tries to stay still and there are three clingers on the roof, two will fall in after one explodes. Staying active and building efficiently will greatly reduce the player’s chance of being caught in an explosion.

One by Ones

countering popular attack techniques in Fortnite
Skully editing her wall looking for the enemy // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Fighting in a one by one is a skill everyone should master. There are many ways to do it regardless of ping. If an enemy is breaking into a player’s one by one, there are a few options. Turbo building and replacing the wall is a great option, but high ping will put the player at a disadvantage. If the player does not want to go back and forth, they can edit out the wall while the enemy is pickaxing. This allows the player to catch the enemy with their pickaxe out and get a free shot on them.

If the enemy succeeds in placing the wall, the player has two different options. The first option is waiting for the enemy to edit a window or a half wall and shoot before they do. This option is dangerous and should not be done unless the player is confident or out of builds. The other option is to place a pyramid on the floor and edit the two front halves out, making a ramp blocking the enemy from editing. Once this ramp is in place, the player can edit out of the roof or another wall to get away from the enemy or flank them. The reason the player should place a pyramid instead of a floor is to make sure they cannot get flanked. If the enemy has a partner the player may have to cover two walls at once, which a cone allows the player to do.

SMG/Rifle Spray

countering popular attack techniques in Fortnite
Skully pushing an enemy trying to spray her down // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

SMG and rifle spraying are the most common form of player strategy. Pros and new players both use this strategy in order to get up close and personal with their enemies. The key to escaping this situation is to stay mobile or hit close range shots. When an enemy is at a distance spraying a wall down, it is easy to just sit behind a ramp and turbo build. If the player is rotating, spamming walls to the side is the easiest way to avoid being hit. However, if the enemy is coming at the player and is at the wall spraying it down, there are options.

One option is letting the enemy spray the wall and sneak a quick shotgun hit in before replacing it. This will almost always scare the enemy into building and stop them from spraying. If this does not work, or the player doesn’t want to take damage, simply building high will solve the issue. Getting just one tile higher than the opponent lets the player get an easier headshot if they get knocked down, and is easy by just re-enforcing builds. This also will stop the enemy from shooting at one specific build, leaving them vulnerable during reloading. Either way, a good player can easily kill someone who wants to spray instead of fight normally.

These are just a few ways that you can up your Fortnite game.

Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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